Part Of Every Day

Into The Great Expanse

I been thinking for a while about shooting in the water instead of only from the beach. So, yesterday I ventured down to Smails Beach, armed with some new toys, and headed into the water to shoot this short video. It’s certainly a different view than being on the beach.

And This Be Part Of Every Day

This old cottage is in a complete state of disrepair. In actual fact it’s beyond repair. It’s boarded up, walls have fallen in, floors have collapsed and the roof is long gone. That’s what makes it such an interesting place to explore.

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Medals Day

One Last Effort

I have to admit, I quite enjoyed sending out an early blog post to people from here in Dunedin while I was at the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Championships. I had intended to send out a post yesterday afternoon during a break in the finals programme and one again this morning but it wasn’t to be. I was busy finishing off all the images as another photographer wasn’t able to attend which meant I was covering all the track and field action as well as the medal presentations. If you’re wondering why there are so few field images from Sunday, that’s the reason why. I was doing both the medal presentations and the action coverage and I wasn’t able to stray to far from the finishline. Here’s a short section from the many, many images that came out of day 3.

NZSSAA Championships 2018 (02.12.18)
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Early Risers

Need A Little Time To Wake Up

It’s finals day and after the welcome sunshine yesterday it’s overcast with drizzle however hopefully it burns off by the time the finals start this afternoon. After a long day yesterday, backing up first thing this morning was a little hard so it must be even harder for the athletes who are in multiple finals this afternoon.

NZSSAA Championships 2018 (02.12.18)
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All Go Go Go

I’ve been so busy today I haven’t even had time to check any results from the NZSSAA Champs. I know there where some records broken and some outstanding performances like in the Junior Boys High Jump which I missed and the Senior Girls Pole Vault which I was at but the results are a compete mystery to me. It’s finals day tomorrow which is bound to bring some exciting action with it, I just need to take the time to read the results now that I’ve finished all the photos from today.

NZSSAA Championships 2018 (01.12.18)
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Bright and Clear

The wind has died down (a fraction) and the morning is bright and clear at the Caledonian today although judging by the various wind gauges around the track it’s still going to be a battle heading into the wind on the home straight, and that’s exactly what the hurdlers are going to have to contend with. The morning programme here at the NZSSAA Championships starts with hurdles on the track and shot put and long jump on the field before heading into the Senior Boys High Jump and Senior Girls Long Jump at 11:00am.

NZSSAA Championships 2018 (01.12.18)
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Marks, Set & Go

Thunderbirds Are Go …

The weather conditions look a bit touch and go with rain forecast for this afternoon and there’s a strong headwind for the track athletes to battle at the Caledonian which will make the track athletes work on day 1 of the NZSSAA Championships herein Dunedin.

If you’re wanting to do some background reading about who to watch or follow then the team at College Sport Media have done a great job in previewing the event in their article Big guns and underdogs to light up NZ Secondary Schools Athletics Championships. I’ll also be providing them with images from throughout the event that you can keep an eye on.

I’m going to be covering and publishing images on my blog but also they’ll be available to purchase through my website. If you want to bookmark the gallery for quick access you can find it here: New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics Championships.

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Remains In St Bathans

Bravery Will Have It’s Reward

I’m rather fond of old buildings and their history, there’s something deeply fascinating about them and going through the process of discovery. This is the former school at St Bathans which was closed in 1949 with a roll of 7. At its peak the school roll reached 40 pupils but as the gold rush in St Bathans died and prospectors moved on, the school roll declined. The stone building was built in 1875 using a ninety-pound grant from the Otago Education Board and a Grand Ball was held to mark it’s opening.

It’s hard to imagine how cold the stone building must have been in winter with just an open fireplace to fight against the cold of Central Otago where ink sometimes froze in the inkwells on the desks. The building (which is heritage-listed) was recently on the market with a 3187 square-metre section for $185,000.

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Shhhhhh …. Quiet Please

In Existence, All The Morning Absorbing.

It’s quite absorbing to walk through a town first thing in the morning before everyone has woken up. I always feel like I have to whisper in case I wake someone up! This is Oban on Stewart Island at about 5:30/6am in the morning on the last day of 2016. We ended the day at the South Seas Hotel which is the two story building with the red roof you can see in the distance which was a very lively place to end the year.

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Volcanic Light

When The Night Turns To Day.

This was a crazy sunrise that happened over several days in a row while heading through East Otago. It was when there was a volcanic eruption in another part of the world (South America I think) and the morning and evening light was super intense. Whether the light at sunrise and sunset was affected by an eruption so far away I’m not sure. It might have been a coincidence, but it was quite a morning show whatever caused it.

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