The biggest athletics event in the country is almost all set to go this Friday as the final preparations for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics Championships  are put in place. The event is being held at the Caledonian here in Dunedin from Friday 30th November till Sunday 2nd December and has over 1200 Athletes attending which makes it even bigger than the New Zealand Senior Champs.

I’m going to be covering it and publishing images on my blog but also they’ll be available to purchase through my website. If you want to bookmark the gallery for quick access you can find it here: New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics Championships.

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (24.11.18)
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As For Today ….

Light rain all afternoon made conditions overcast, gloomy and the light flat. Sometimes flat light is nice and sometimes it’s not. Today I enjoyed it but could have done without  the drizzle.

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (24.11.18)
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Princess Street Lights

True It Is, When The Rain Stops.

I don’t have many shots of Dunedin at night and I always think I should get more but I never seem to. I always think I should put some time aside to get more images like this which is more of a cityscape than a landscape. It had just stopped raining which made the city lights glow, shine and bounce off all the wet surfaces . Any new landscape/cityscape images of Dunedin I upload into this new gallery called Ōtepoti.

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Sunset From Highcliff Road

Wherever I Wander, Wherever I Rove.

Here’s another image from my Ōtepoti gallery. Actually, I’m going to be publishing images from there all this week so make sure you share them with your friends and family to show off this wonderful place. Today’s images  was taken on Highcliff Road which runs along the top of the Peninsula and has all these marvellous stone walls that date back to the early settlers. On this occasion I was after the sunset looking back towards the city. 
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Second Beach At Dusk

Let Thy East Tide Rest On

How wonderful is this light at Second Beach in St Clair. It didn’t hang around for long so I was pretty happy to get the light while it was there.  This image is from a gallery I’ve just reorganised called Ōtepoti. It’s taken me a while to sort all my landscape images but I’m getting closer to being completed. I’ve organised them into three galleries called Ōtepoti which are images from around Dunedin, Beyond The Eastern Steeps which are any landscapes image from beyond Dunedin city and Peak Directions which is home to my never ending collection of images of life around St Clair. If you want to check them out (which I’d love you to do) just follow the above links. Let Thy East Tide Rest On
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G R E Y & R A I N

Is But A Cloud Above

Usually the Esplanade on a Friday is a busy spot as the week comes to an end however today it was pretty quiet. I hope you enjoyed the fine weather this morning as the forecast was  right and it all turned overcast, grey and gloomy this afternoon. It’s a complete contrast from yesterday afternoon which was still, clear and warm.

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Blue Rain by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

Blue Rain

A bit of poetry from Alistair Te Ariki Campbell for Friday.

Blue Rain
Blue rain from a clear sky.
Our world a cube of sunlight —
but to the south
the violet admonition
of thunder.

Innocent as flowers
your eyes with their thick lashes
open in green surprise.

What have we to fear?
Frost and a sharp wind
reproach us,
and a tall sky pelts the roof
with blue flowers.

You and I in bed, my love,
heads leaning together,
merry as thieves
eating stolen honey —
what have we to fear
but a borrowed world
collapsing all about us
in blue ruins?

By Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

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And In Glowing Days

A warm 21 degrees with a very light breeze that picked up in the afternoon meant the Dunedin coastline (St Clair/St Kilda) today was a stunning place to be. With the primary teachers on strike it was the perfect day for the kids to head to the Saltwater Pool or beach and enjoy the rather gentle swell.

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From Earlier In The Week

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Tautuku Boardwalk

But When The Memories Drift

This image reminds me of a dream or at least that dream-like feeling when you’re not really asleep but not really awake. To me, looking out across the reeds and down stream it feels like I’m looking at a  prehistoric scene. I took this at the end of the Tautuku Boardwalk just before the half-light of evening took hold and the sky seemed to change it’s mood.

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