The Last Light

On The Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

20.07.17, 4:30pm – There’s always a small crowd on the Esplanade at the end of the day at the moment, with people enjoying the last of the day’s rays as the sun fades from sight. If the forecast is anything to go by, we might not be seeing the sun or the warm winter light for the next few days, so best make the most of it.
It’s going to bucket down!

2007172064The Evening Crowd


2007172067Deep In Thought

2007172106Last Light


2007172100Spending Time

Before The Beginning Day

On The Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

19.07.17, 7:30am – It was an absolutely cracking sunrise this morning on The Esplanade as day broke, the light lifted and the day woke up. As the earth was stretching and rubbing the sleep from it’s eyes in the breaking day, coffee shops opened, walkers, runners and workers arrived, ready before the day to begin as the orange reflections of the sky took hold.

1907171964What Is To Come and What Shall Be

1907171982In The Breaking Light

1907171998Morning Reflections

1907171970Before The Beginning Day

The Fingers Sting

On The Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

14.07.17, 8am – After the clouds cleared, the day turned crisp and clear down on the Esplanade at St Clair. While it’ll eventually warm up to nearly 10 degrees (if the forecast is correct), right on day break it only took a few minutes before the fingers started to sting in the cold morning air.

1407170752Heading to breakfast

1407170762The Brave at 8:15am

1407170777Brazier Scaffolding

1407170792St Clair & White Island – 14.07.17

Capital Welcomes Cup

America’s Cup Parade In Wellington.

The early morning fog that greeted Wellington residents this morning lifted by 10:30am, leaving a clear and calm day for the capital to welcome the America’s Cup.

The crowd along Lambton Quay and Willis Street which had been building steadily throughout the morning hit it’s peak just after 12:00pm, as thousands of people streamed out of the nearby businesses and office blocks to catch a glimpse of the Auld Mug.



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