And When Thy Heart Does Fly.

The Skyline – Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s not hard to tell why Queenstown is such a popular destination for tourists, business retreats and artists. The scenery of the resort town is spectacular and it boasts over 200 adventure tourism activities. These include skiing, snowboarding, jet boating, whitewater rafting, bungy jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, tramping, paragliding, and sky diving among the popular choices for those with a sense of adventure.

This is the view from the Skyline Gondola, Restaurant and Luge which is a must on your next visit. They also offer a stargazing package which gives an unbelievably clear view of the night sky.


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The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa – Wellington, New Zealand

I often wonder what Te Papa looks like at night? Does it have a funky set up of lights displayed all around it to show off it’s unique size and shape? There’s lots of interesting places, people and sights that can be captured around the wharf area both during the day and at night however you need to do it when there’s no wind.


Yet see how all around does wait

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Oriental Bay – Wellington, New Zealand

22, 000 tons of sand was added to this bay in 2004 to make it larger due to how popular it is. Back around the 1840’s there was just one resident George Duppa who had brought a house out from England with him. The area was then called Duppa because of it’s only resident until it was renamed after the ship he arrived in Wellington on, The Oriental.



Look to the shapes between shadows

Lambton Quay – Wellington, New Zealand

I was actually standing on a small cross walk while taking this. It wasn’t meant for photographers with tripods however it was just big enough for me to set things up. I was in two minds because the inside lanes seem rather close and a number of busses had whizzed past on both sides. Initially I was rather glad that none went past however the taillights would have added a nice effect.

Unfortunately the tree doesn’t really show up to well in this shot. It really needs more light behind it to light it up and separate it from the background. I guess that means I’ll need to make a trip up to Wellington.


The Dream Of Lewis Acker

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Ackers Point – Stewart Island, New Zealand

Can you imagine raising nine children in this single room, stone house? Hard to believe isn’t it! That’s just what Lewis Acker and his wife Mary did in the 1840’s and 1850’s. Lewis Acker came to New Zealand as a harpooner on a whaling boat and eventually settled in Stewart Island, where he built this stone house in 1835. Later, it became home to his wife and nine children. Amazingly the stone he used to build the house was transported across Foveaux Strait from the South Island.

The Dream Of Lewis Acker



The untaught harmony of night

Lambton Quay – Wellington, New Zealand

This is a nice spot to view Lambton Quay in Wellington. During the day it’s incredibly busy with lots of people coming and going in business attire. As night takes hold the streets give way to the night life and people heading to the numerous drinking and eating establishments that are only a short distance away.

I actually found this location during the day and stored it away in the back of my mind to revisit at sunset and the timing couldn’t have been better as we didn’t have to wait too long before I got the shot I was after.


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And be with caution with the bold.

Oriental Bay Boat Sheds – Wellington, New Zealand

These colourful boat sheds along Oriental Parade in Wellington are a really popular spot for a walk. There’s a big long line of them (over 27) and they are all identical, meaning they can be photographed in many different ways and at all sorts of angles.

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To a different scene do my eyes drift

Te Papa – Wellington, New Zealand

The National Museum in Wellington (Te Papa) is a fantastic building in many ways. It’s size and shape means it great to play around and explore all sorts of angles if you’re photographing it. Inside, there are some incredible exhibits including The Great War Exhibition created by Peter Jackson. It’s definitely a must see and do while you’re in Wellington.
If you want a few more details: Te Papa in Wellington


Year In Review: Surfing

A Year In Pictures

Looking back at 2016. With the year drawing to an end, I thought it would be timely to look back at some of the events that I’ve covered this year. Today, Surfing from the both the Nationals and South Island surfing championships.

This isn’t a definitive collection images from the 2016 season, rather a selection of images from meetings that were photographed, the people, the places, the moments and the memories.

January 2016, National Surfing Championships
January 2016, National Surfing Championships


March 2016, South Island Surfing Championships
March 2016, South Island Surfing Championships

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