The Lost Files

The tape, the boots and the beer.
I thought I’d lost this set of images, apart from this first one that is. I shot these in 2016 at a club match between OBHS 1st XV and University Blues Colts played at Littlebourne. This set I did specifically to be processed in Black and White along side my usual set of games images (which can be found/seen here). I haven’t been able to find them in at least two years, but then I suddenly found them on a spare hard drive I was clearing out. If you look at the full set you’ll even spot a few future Super Rugby players.

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The Tape, The Boots and The Beer
I called in at the North Ground yesterday as preseason training continued for the Broncos teams. With a very light breeze, a warm 20 degrees and plenty of numbers for both the men and women teams, the hard yards were certainly being put in.

Don’t forget there’s a Women’s Rugby Coaches Workshop on this Thursday from 5:30 – 8:00pm. It’s not too late to register by emailing [email protected]

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Around The Grounds

The tape, the boots and the beer.
Like many, my thoughts haven’t drifted too far from the people within Christchurch today.  I don’t find myself thinking of the city but the people and community groups within the city and trying to comprehend everything that has happened to them over the last 24 hours. If that’s where my mind is that, gods knows what some of the families and communities within Christchurch must be going through.
Much aroha to all.

Rugby was a bit of a distraction from my thoughts today. Maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe it’s not. I’m not too sure.

Kia kaha

Harbour v Zingari Richmond (16.03.19)

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The New Brighton Edition

The tape, the boots and the beer.
There are always visiting teams around during the club preseason. Last weekend, New Brighton came to Dunedin to play the University Colts and Premier side in preseason games. The New Brighton club is the eastern most rugby club in Christchurch and isn’t to far from where the famous Coast to Coast finishes on Marine Parade.

Otago University v New Brighton (09.03.19)

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Around The Grounds

The tape, the boots and the beer.
Still, clear skies and warm temperatures. It sounds like an ideal beach day but it is also typical preseason conditions. The predominately dry conditions of late have left a lot of the grounds in a hard and dry state, increasing the chance of injury. I once watched a preseason game on dry, rock hard ground that resulted in four serious shoulder injuries!

Today I called in at the University Oval to see the visiting New Brighton teams from Christchurch and then went over to Alhambra Union taking on Southern.

For the record:
Otago University Colts won 34 – 16 over New Brighton.
New Brighton won 14 – 12 over Otago University.
If you know other results share them by leaving a comment. 

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The tape, the boots and the beer.
I don’t get to see the Central Otago teams as much as I would like so I couldn’t turn down the invitation to see the preseason fixtures at Bishopscourt this afternoon. The sun was shining, the supporters were downing a few beers and many were talking about The Eagles concert tonight. Not a bad afternoon. In case you’re wondering about the score, I never pay attention to scores in preseason games so I honestly couldn’t tell you the results beyond both Kaikorai won.

Kaikorai Premier v Cromwell Goats (02.03.19)Buy

Kaikorai Colts v Alexandra Armadillos (02.03.19)Buy

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Pre-Season At The Grassroots

Club Rugby Premier 2 Final: West Taieri v Dunedin (03.08.18)

Pre-season Training

Late January is always the time of year when clubs start gearing up into action. As January turns into February many clubs have already started their preseason training and the clubs that haven’t, won’t be too far away from getting underway. By now, preseason fixtures are locked in and while most recruiting for all levels in the 2019 club season  has already been done, there are the usual invitations to anyone who is interested to come along and have a look.

With the pre-season getting underway, I had a scan across the club websites and Facebook pages to see what’s going on. Here’s an overview of what I have found is happening across the clubs in Otago.

If a club doesn’t appear here then I could find any information relating to pre-season. Some of this information might have changed since the time of writing. 

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