With Attitude

Bring On The Weekend

Without wanting to put a hex on the entire weekend, it looks to be shaping up as a couple of stunning days here in Dunedin for the latest round of club rugby. That’ll make everyone happy from players and coaches to supporters and photographers.  Hopefully I’m not acting to soon by  tucking the wet weather gear away for a few days.

This weekend the main game I’m heading to here in Dunedin is at the University Oval with University A hosting Southern. These two teams always turn up for this match with attitude, so it should be an intriguing match between to proud clubs with a long history.

Have a great weekend.

2903171202Southern v Zingari Richmond – Buy

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Thursday Throwback

A decision has been made on last weeks non-played round of club matches in the Dunedin Premier club competition. The Metropolitan Rugby Council voted 8-1 to leave the round unplayed and award each team two points, thus cancelling the round.

It’s back in time to the 2013 season today for a women’s match between Alhambra Union and Kaikorai. A quick review of the images seems to suggest that the match started in fine conditions but then the weather turned and misty drizzle floated in. The match it’s self was pretty well dominated by Alhambra Union from what I remember, however I tried to be balanced in the images I’ve selected for today’s throwback.

0308137167What’s To Come? – Buy
August 2013

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More Faces

People Are Strange

Sport is a point of arrival, it’s a connection, a place of freedom, a bridge between emotions and a point of departure. I like traveling light when I’m on the sidelines and most of the time I can get what I need from one lens if I’m creative enough, however,  occasionally a different lens is needed. When this happens, I dig around in my camera bag, looking for lenses I haven’t shot with in a while, trying to spice things up and add a bit of variety to the range of images you see.

3004160366Lemi Masoe – Buy
April 2016

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Tape, Boots and Beer

At last there seems to be some fine weather that’s set to hang around for a few days. After all the rain that’s been dumped on the local fields lately it’ll give the grounds a chance to dry out and hopeful some full rounds of competition across all the grades. I’m sure all the clubs could use a few nights of good patronage to get some cash flow generated. It must also be hard on clubs that are already struggling for numbers to have games cancelled or some grades not even playing.

Hopefully the fine weather is here to stay.

0804174828Tape – Buy
April 2017

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In doubt

Thursday Throwback

So the rain makes it interesting with a round of club rugby scheduled today. It’s not the type of forecast you want to see if you’re an outside back. Whether the round scheduled for today goes ahead or not is still being decided with a final call being made at 9am this morning. If it’s on, pack the wet weather gear and check for ground transfers. This afternoon I was planning on shooting at the University Oval to see how the bookworms have started the year however that might change before 4pm!

Today I thought I’d post a throwback to the 2011 season. I was mainly shooting Pirates teams, so today has a Pirates theme. I think their Prem side made the semi finals that year and the Women’s side might have won their grade …. I think!


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People Are Strange

There are so many people involved in club rugby, they come from all walks of life, and they get involved for the love of the game. That’s the wonderful thing about club sport, there’s a common element of enjoying the game that brings people together. Personally, I find sport becomes a fascinating genre to capture when images take on a human element.

0804174392Targets up – Buy

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Know your role

Tape, Boots and Beer

I was fortunate to be allowed to tag along with the Magpies before their clash with Alhambra Union on Saturday. I had planned on capturing scenes and moments that told the story of life off the field, however the changing room was so small that I had to shoot from the doorway which made it a case of grabbing what I could.


Know your roles boys – Buy
April 2017

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Close and Tight.

Relive The Weekend

It was a close run thing over the weekend around the grounds here in Dunedin, and at the North Ground it was a stunning game of rugby. It had everything you’d want;fine conditions, tension, drama, a close finish, debate, passion and intensity. What more could you want from a club game?  

I also called in at Kettle Park and Hancock Park to catch some 1:00pm games. Now that the clubs are officially open and most grades are underway, it feels like the season has properly started.


On the move – Buy

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Bring On The Weekend

At the moment it’s looking like it should be fine for the weekend. Here’s hoping the forecast is correct because wind and rain makes it difficult for all concerned. Admittedly, some of my best shots have been taken in adverse weather conditions but if I have the choice, I’ll leave the winter weather conditions till June and July.

This weekend the main game I’m heading to is here in Dunedin at the North Ground with Alhambra Union hosting Southern. With a reasonably clear forecast, and the AU pack determined to step up this year it should be an interesting battle.

Have a great weekend.2903171549The last minutes at Bathgate Park – Buy

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A new stream

From The Grassroots

I wanted to make a stream here on my blog specifically dedicated to grassroots rugby in New Zealand. I’m aiming to create an ongoing narrative from the grassroots of New Zealand rugby, about the people that make it happen. The goal is to post a new photo every day here during the season and since I have enough images to make it happen, I’m going to try.

I also made up this advertising image that you’ll see popping from from time to time, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with your mates.

Tape boots beer picture

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