But The Sky Is Still Lit

Doesn’t this look like a nice evening? It was right at that time when night starts to take over but the sky is still lit up by all sorts of nice colours. A view like this gives you a real sense of how the sky changes from light to dark as the sunset drops below the horizon. In actual fact, when I took this it was incredibly windy with lots of sand blowing up from the beach into my face. The grass gives it away as you can see it blowing in all sorts of direction. It was closing in on high tide as well. Usually there are lots of people using this track on a Sunday evening however on this occasion it was deserted. No takers for the beach I guess!

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Whatever The Reason

The Surfing Addition

Maybe it was the tail of the long weekend or maybe lots of people have taken 3 extra days off to given themselves a 10 day break, or it could be that everybody just clocked off early and headed for the surf. Whatever the reason, the conditions yesterday afternoon drew a fair crowd to the break at St Clair who enjoyed the high teen temperatures, the lack of wind and the enjoyable swell that was certainly fun. Here’s a short roll for you to enjoy.

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Dusk on St Kilda Beach

And now the next time returns again.

This is a sunset from last month I shot at dusk on St Kilda Beach. I always shoot with an end image in mind and that’s just what I did with this image. I had to do some image correction as the original had gone a little bit fisheye-ish on the sides but after a quick setting change in Lightroom it was all fixed.

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Don’t forget to listen.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last blog post. I try and post every day but the last week has been so full on I just didn’t manage it. However, now I’m determined not to miss another day!

It was a Dunnerstunner in Dunedin today and I couldn’t resist a trip to Warrington Beach about 5pm to end the day. There were a few people scattered up and down the beach who obviously had the same idea. While I was there I was playing around at shooting with some angled sunlight washing in from the corner as the waves broke.

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A chilled Sunday

Kicking back on Sunday

A couple of glorious day’s of weather made the beach the best spot to be over the weekend. The surf really kicked into life on Sunday with many spots drawing the locals, while families made the most of the sunshine at the St Kilda and St Clair Surf Life Saving clubs. The outlook for the week looks pretty decent as well with temperatures set to hit the mid twenties (we’ll take that here in Dunedin) by the middle of the week. It looks like summer still has a few days left in it yet.

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Into The Mystic Show

In This Room The Light Flickers After A While.

I try and seperate what I’m posting on different social media streams so people don’t end up seeing the same thing too many times. Over on instagram I post from my Peak Directions gallery which is based on my shots from the beach and ocean. Here’s a selection of recent posts to show you what you’ve been missing if you haven’t found me yet. If you want to find me on instagram: @johncaswellnz

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Afternoon Waves at Blackhead.

I almost had Blackhead beach to myself yesterday afternoon. I took a trip out there just after the high tide had hit and since it was fairly calm, it was ideal for getting deep below the breakers with my camera. Luckily enough, one local (Steve) was out enjoying the small yet fun waves as he carved around the breakers on foils giving me a different point of focus. I even got an explanation of how the foils work which was just as interesting.

Steve on the foils – Buy

Small yet fun – Buy

Rolling thunder – Buy

Passing by – Buy

Looking skyward – Buy


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