A friendly smile and a word is sweet.

Buildings are great to photograph because you can do all sorts of things with them. They’re fascinating to explore at all sorts of angles from all sorts of positions and points of view. New buildings have different characteristics than old buildings which means that they interact with light different and they are loads of fun to process in whatever programme you use. Personally, I think I like old doorways the most however I thought this building corner in Dunedin was kinda funky with it’s dark windows.

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An Evening On The Karetai Track

To unfold the evening sight.

I love this view of the Otago coastline from the Karetai track, especially at sunset. There are so many spots that give a marvellous view up and down the coast and the stone wall also adds a great dimension. Stone walls like these are scattered all over the Otago Peninsula, I love using these to add text to photos.

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Princess Street Night Shine

As I Walked The Street So Empty

City streets seem so empty when it’s dark and there’s no-one around. I guess that’s what makes them interesting. Street lights like these are great just after it’s rained because the all the surfaces have a shine to them and the light reflect really well. When the streets are empty at night you get all sorts of options for where to shoot from without having to worry to much about being in the way. Then, if you can get something large like a bus streaking through the image the effect is awesome.

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Municipal Chambers Clock Tower

Above The Town Noises Do Sing

I think I need to look up more, or at least change the perspective in my shots more than I do. Personally, I think it’s really healthy to look back through my work to see what I notice. I recently did this and decided that I use to use a far greater range of angles than I have recently. I might have to take a few more minutes when setting my shots up to if I can find a more interesting or unique POV (point of view). This is the clock tower in Octagon here in Dunedin, I’m not sure when the clock was first put in place but I’d imagine it was pre 1890’s.

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The Meridian Mall

When The Colour Will Reflect

To get this angle of the glass dome in the Meridian Mall in Dunedin I had to shoot while on the escalator. It took several attempts to get one I was happy with and by the third time I had been up and down the escalators the security guards were starting to show some interest in what I was doing. It was at that point that I decided it was best to leave. The thing I love about this angle is the way all the different shapes interplay with the circular domes however to be under the dead centre you need to be in a certain spot on the escalator.

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Heyward Point Track

To Where It Grew

This is a wonderful point for a walk that provides great views from the cliff top track and it also looks back down the Harbour to the city. There’s a wonderful section of the track that descends through regenerating bush right down to the town of Aramoana. The clifftop walk also provides a terrific aerial view of part of the surfing point on the beach.

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Vogel Street

Then To The Second I Step

Everytime I head into Vogel Street Kitchen there seems to be people in it. I kinda wonder if it’s ever empty but then again, that’s a really good sign for a restaurant. It’s also located in an area that’s becoming very cool here in Dunedin, the Warehouse Precinct. I always notice that they’ve got a great wood-fired pizza oven that I haven’t tried yet but it’s definitely on the list of things to do.

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Rich Sky Dunedin

Free Wallpaper

Do you want a different wallpaper to enjoy on your computer or phone? Download the one’s I use for free. Link (Click on image) and password ONLY available here.

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Knowing The Rich Sky Can Delight.

Dunedin has some magical spots on the coast to catch the sunset. There’s an endless supply of locations to catch the suns last rays of the day. This spot is not far from my house where on a night like this you can see the city lights in the distance but also it’s a short drive if the aurora start up during the evening.

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Tunnel Beach Colours

To The Sound Of The Sea That Sings

I had Tunnel Beach all to myself the evening I took this which makes taking photos so much easier. It’s become a really popular spot so to get it all to myself was really something. I timed my trip so the tide would be out which meant I had lots of options and choices as the sun made silhouettes out of the rocks and bounced light of the sand.

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Competition – ends this Friday.

Entries close  deadline from the Friday 8th February to Friday 15th February, 4:30pm, Friday 8th February (NZ time).

Competition – Give Away

I decided it’s time to give away some art. I’ve got this lovely 18 x 12 inch print of Dunedin’s historical home, Olveston to give away.  It’s mounted, framed, finished with glass  and has a value of $400. The great thing is that it’s all ready to be hung and an enjoyed in your home, office, flat, or wherever you desire.
Printing by the The Photo Gallery in Dunedin.
Mounting and framing by Gallery De Novo in Dunedin.

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