Dunedin Railway Station

For A Gentle Light Does Move The Heart

The Dunedin Railway Station was built in 1903 and remains one of New Zealands most photographed buildings. It stands in an elegant and grand location in ANZAC Square at the end of Stuart Street. There are many views, scenes, moments and situations when I’ve photographed the Dunedin Railway Station. By far, my favourite view is looking across ANZAC Square to the front of the building when the flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and sky is a brilliant blue.

For a gentle light does move the heart. Buy

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White Island Forever Dancing

There Grows The Human Spirit

The Esplanade at St Clair is a lovely area of coast with some outstanding Bars and Restaurants. It’s also home to White Island and ‘The Poles’ on St Clair beach which have become icons in their own right. Instead of making the ‘The Poles’ he focal point of this image, I wanted to make them part of it. Personally, I love the way White Island sits just off the coast of St Kilda and St Clair, appearing to be in a constant state of flux with light and sea forever dancing around it.

There Grows The Human Spirit. Buy

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Esplanade Lights

Hides in eternity’s lights

This was last night on the Esplanade. I ventured out on a mission of chance to see what I could find. I often do this, it’s sort of a personal creative challenge to see what I can find and create at imperfect times of the day. In case you’re wondering, no the lights of St Clair along the Esplanade aren’t those colours. They are actually the type of street lights (sodium vapor I think ) that give off that awful orange glow, so I decided they needed some brightening up and changing with a bit of colour variation.

Hides in eternity’s lights. Buy

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Autumn in Dunedin

Song of the Autumn Light

The leaves are a wonderful colour here in Dunedin at the moment as Autumn continues to march on at a rapid pace. The change in season is now unmissable as the daylight is becoming distinctly shorter and the temperature is cooling considerably. The colour’s around town at the moment are just amazing.

This is from the Town Belt near the centre town here in Dunedin.

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The Highcliff Track

The Path Before Thy

The Highcliff track on the Otago Peninsula is quickly becoming one of my favourite spots on the peninsula. One part of it has an amazing view of Boulder Beach and beyond while the peak of the track has all these boulders scattered on it. It’s a wonderful spot to sit and watch the world go by.

Otago Peninsula, Dunedin
The path before thy. – Buy

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A friendly smile and a word is sweet.

Buildings are great to photograph because you can do all sorts of things with them. They’re fascinating to explore at all sorts of angles from all sorts of positions and points of view. New buildings have different characteristics than old buildings which means that they interact with light different and they are loads of fun to process in whatever programme you use. Personally, I think I like old doorways the most however I thought this building corner in Dunedin was kinda funky with it’s dark windows.

A friendly smile and a word is sweet – Buy

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An Evening On The Karetai Track

To unfold the evening sight.

I love this view of the Otago coastline from the Karetai track, especially at sunset. There are so many spots that give a marvellous view up and down the coast and the stone wall also adds a great dimension. Stone walls like these are scattered all over the Otago Peninsula, I love using these to add text to photos.

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Princess Street Night Shine

As I Walked The Street So Empty

City streets seem so empty when it’s dark and there’s no-one around. I guess that’s what makes them interesting. Street lights like these are great just after it’s rained because the all the surfaces have a shine to them and the light reflect really well. When the streets are empty at night you get all sorts of options for where to shoot from without having to worry to much about being in the way. Then, if you can get something large like a bus streaking through the image the effect is awesome.

As I walked the street so empty – Buy

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Municipal Chambers Clock Tower

Above The Town Noises Do Sing

I think I need to look up more, or at least change the perspective in my shots more than I do. Personally, I think it’s really healthy to look back through my work to see what I notice. I recently did this and decided that I use to use a far greater range of angles than I have recently. I might have to take a few more minutes when setting my shots up to if I can find a more interesting or unique POV (point of view). This is the clock tower in Octagon here in Dunedin, I’m not sure when the clock was first put in place but I’d imagine it was pre 1890’s.

Above the town noises do sing – Buy

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