Middlemarch farm field.

There’s too many places.

Once you head out of the cities, you get to see some dramatic weather changes take place that are made more extreme by the landscapes. When I was out exploring around Middlemarch it had been pretty nice all day until the weather turned and the clouds started to roll in, getting darker and darker so I found this near by field, set up my gear and waited and watched as the weather changed.

The Long Way Around
Middlemarch farm field – There’s too many places.
Middlemarch farm field. Buy Image


Peace & Love temple on South Bank.

The way of the world is love.

This was a real surprise to find while exploring the South Bank area in Brisbane as it seemed to suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It’s a temple for Peace and Love that was built for the 1988 Expo that was held in Brisbane and has remained ever since. It’s was like a hidden Oasis as it was 34 degrees at the time!

Peace & Love temple on South Bank – The way of the world is love.
The Peace & Love temple on South Bank in Brisbane. Find me on Facebook.

St Bathans’ School Ruins.

To play, he’d come running out.

I love the gold mining regions of Central Otago, there’s so many interesting places, tracks and locations to explore that it’s hard to imagine ever running out of options. This is the ruins of the old school in St Bathans’ that’s been standing since 1875. It’s slowly tumbling down from being abandoned and exposed to the elements, but when I was there I was told that it has recently been sold and the new owner is hoping to restore at least part of it. Doesn’t that make you wonder …. what if?

St Bathans’ School Ruins – To play, he’d come running out!
Abandoned school at St Bathans’. Find me on Facebook.


Observations of The Dunedin Coast.

What is now was once imagined.

Here’s a quick snapshot or overview if you like of what I’ve been shooting recently. Since early November I’ve been hanging around the Dunedin beaches on the eastern coastline. This is a wee glance at some of the images that I haven’t published on my Facebook or Instagram feeds, or in the Photo Library. These are moments of observations that caught my eye as I wandered.

Observations – What is now was once imagined.
I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me.

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The Breaking Wave

Where we are called by name.

Here’s another image from last Saturday at Blackhead Beach. This is right before a large, dark rain started forming and gathering towards the south. It was kinda weird as the tide was pretty low, yet  consistent, but every so what seemed like a random wave would break.

The breaking wave – Where we are called by name.
A lone wave breaks at Blackhead Beach. Buy Image

A Brooding Storm

My notes are driven.

I watch this dark bank of rain cloud make it’s way up the coast on Saturday afternoon. I was at  Blackhead Beach and noticed that a large bank of cloud was gathering and slowly progressing towards Dunedin. By the time I took this image the sky was starting to look pretty spectacular. It turned into a fizzer really. It promised excitement but instead was a bit disappointing really.

A Brooding Storm – My notes are driven.
Rain clouds crawl up the East Coast, South of Dunedin past Blackhead Beach.  Buy Image

Solace In The Wind

The essence of being me.

There’s a naked truth in the world today. Alone, by yourself, taking the time to think and delve into thought, desires and daydreams where wishes, hopes and ambition advance us towards tomorrow. Reach to the future, dreams are free, so dream big and be forever hopeful, reaching out beyond what can be seen. Take care with precious moments of calm, peacefulness and embrace one’s thoughts while sitting doing time and nothing at all.

Delve into thought, desires and daydreams.
The essence of being me.
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The Coolest Floor In Melbourne

I sent thee to the vanished garden of colour.

This is the most amazingly floor, which I found accidentally in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria or the NGV as it’s referred too. I was actually hoping to see the massive stain glass ceiling they have there but unfortunately it was closed for a private function by Dior so I wasn’t allowed in. Instead I went up to the first floor to get a better view of this fantastic floor that they have. Isn’t it hypnotic!I found that I could stare at it for ages and see all sorts of shapes and patterns in it.

The Coolest Floor In Melbourne – Tiptoe where the flowers are in bloom.
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