Solace In The Wind

The essence of being me.

There’s a naked truth in the world today. Alone, by yourself, taking the time to think and delve into thought, desires and daydreams where wishes, hopes and ambition advance us towards tomorrow. Reach to the future, dreams are free, so dream big and be forever hopeful, reaching out beyond what can be seen. Take care with precious moments of calm, peacefulness and embrace one’s thoughts while sitting doing time and nothing at all.

Delve into thought, desires and daydreams.
The essence of being me.
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Dunedin At Dusk

Along the path of rock and time.

The Dunedin peninsula has some fabulous stone walls on it that date all the way back to the days of the first settlers. They break up the land like a jigsaw and while some have fallen down, there’s still a large number that are standing, which is fairly impressive considering how exposed to the elements some of the walls are. If you go exploring for them you’ll need to remember that they are on private land and farms, especially around lambing time. Fortunately, this track is open to the public throughout the whole year.

Dunedin At Dusk – Silent I hover all the evening dusk.