Sometimes can you feel the pressure will unwind.

McGouns Track – Dunedin, New Zealand

The bush has a very still, silent feel to it and if you manage to find a stream then a timeless sensation starts to take over. I visited a few streams around McGouns Track in North Dunedin last week on an overcast afternoon.  It had been sometime since I’d explored the bush yet once I was there, it seemed like only yesterday.


Feel the gravity of one’s soul.

Lawyers Head – Dunedin, New Zealand

I took this last week. It had been one of those lovely, warm spring days that makes you think of summer. I based myself on a set of rocks near an area called Lawyers Head. It’s a great spot to capture rocks and waves at dusk, however it’s also near a seagull nesting colony and they get very protective from time to time. It’s not easy to keep one eye on the swooping seagulls, another on the incoming tide and yet another on the camera and filters.


Beyond the point of celebration

Queens Garden – Dunedin, New Zealand

Beyond this point in time,
recalled from the past,
beyond this point of celebration.
Recalled from the hidden memories,
beyond where future generations might roam.

In Queens Garden here in Dunedin there’s this impressive six metre high Stone Celtic cross. It was put in place in 2001 to celebrate the new millennium and link back to Dunedin religious roots. My timing was a little off when I took this shot though as I picked a night that was being interrupted by light spots of rain. I also had to return in daylight to read the inscription!


This Cross Was Given To The City By
The Christian Churches Of Dunedin
To Mark The Birth Of The
Christian Faith 2000 Years Ago
To Remind Future Generations
Of Their Christian Heritage
And to Recall The Arrival Here
Of The First Christian Settlers
Hoaturia Te Ripek A Nei Ki Otepoti
E Nga Nahi Karaitiana
Hei Tohu Timatanga Mo Te Karaitiana
Whakapono No Te Tau Rua Nano O Mua Atu
He Whakamaharatanga Tenei Mo Te
Whakatipuranga Hou Mo O Ratou
Taonga Turu Iho, Me Te Taenga
Tuatahi Mai O Nga Tangata Whai
Whakapono A Te Karaiti

Pick a direction and see where it goes

Lindenow Intersection – Victoria, Australia.

Turn left and it’s the quick way back home, go straight ahead and it’s the long way  or turn right and head down the unknown road. Which direction would you take? I went right … it was a dead end!! While out walking one morning in Lindenow in Australia I came across this intersection. Not the busiest intersection in the world, I was told that two or three cars was a busy day!

Lindenow Intersection


Memory come hither.

Peka Peka Beach – Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

It’s amazing what you remember you forgot from simply staring at the ocean. Up the road from Waikanae on the North Island’s west coast is a small settlement called Peka Peka. It’s one of those lovely long west coast beaches that seem to stretch on into the distance. It’s also the place were in 2011 an Emperor Penguin from Antarctica appeared. There weren’t any Penguins the day we were there, but the surf was being enjoyed by the locals.