‘I’ve built my dreams around you’

Merry Christmas Everyone

To the young, the old, the rich, the poor and everyone in between. Have a wonderful Christmas that is filled with good company, good food and many happy memories.

Of all the Christmas songs, this one is definitely my favourite.
“It was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank. An old man said to me, won’t see another one. And then he sang a song, The Rare Old Mountain Dew. I turned my face away, And dreamed about you.”

How wondrous bright thy market hum!

Dunedin Farmers Market – Dunedin, NZ.

The Christmas treats are starting to get ticked off shopping lists if the purchases at the Dunedin Farmers Market are any indication. There’s also going to be some extremely delicious food being cooked up between now and Christmas as visitors to the market seemed to be loving the chance to purchase products that have been  grown, caught, brewed, pickled, smoked, roasted or made within the Otago region.

I’m told that it’s some of the best produce in New Zealand and that the Otago Farmers saturday market is one of the busiest  farmers markets in Australasia. I’ll leave that for others to decided, however the varieties of fruit, vegetables,  breads, baking, meat and coffee is fairly impressive.

One things for sure, it’s not long before you get hungry once you’re there!



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To Summer

Summer In Dunedin 

I found this video from tourism Dunedin showcasing Summer in Dunedin that was released in January this year. Since it’s now Summer, I thought it seem appropriate to share it. It’s also a cool reminder of some of the neat things there is to do in and around Dunedin.

More of summer in Dunedin 

Here’s a few images from Dunedin taken during the summer months of December and January. I love this image of the Yellow Eyed Penguin. I found her on Boulder beach early one afternoon, which seemed pretty unsual, as normally they’ve headed out to sea during the day.  As long as I kepted my distance, she seemed fairly happy to go about her business enjoying the sun and the rocks

Yellow-eyed Penguin at Boulder Beach.
Yellow-eyed Penguin at Boulder Beach.

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I wandered through each chartered street, near where Lambton Quay does flow.

Pricewaterhousecoopers Towers – Wellington, New Zealand

Wandering with no purpose or intention is a great way to see a city, I find it opens my eyes to all sorts’ of new possibilities. A building shooting up into the sky, suddenly became a fascinating collection of textures, lines and colour. It kinda made me wonder …… but that’s another story.


Others will watch the time past bye

Corner of Switchback and Craig Road – Dunback, New Zealand.

I like the idea of images that draw you in to have a long stare, rather than a quick glance or a fleeting moment of ‘wow.’ This is one of those scenes that seems to really appeal to me and makes me want to look for a wee bit longer. Maybe it’s hint of what once was, but what looks like an old loading ramp (or something similar) like this seems to hold a lot of stories. It almost says, ‘hang around for a bit.’


To be abandoned yet loved.

Abandoned farmhouse at Hooper’s Inlet  House – Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Sadly this house is no more. It stood for a long time in a farm paddock by Hopper’s Inlet on the Otago Peninsula, right beside a Department Of Conservation walking track. That meant access to the house was pretty easy. In some ways it became an icon of the area because it was certainly well photographed (and loved) until a winter storm last year finally brought her to the ground.


Amid the coming and going between sky and land.

Skyline – Queenstown, New Zealand

There’s all sorts of interesting, weird and wonderful things to do and see in Queenstown, both on land and in the air. A common sight amongst the mountains that surround the lake and across the skyline are people paragliding. To me paragliding looks kinda like skydiving but sitting down and without a plane ride. Either way, in a place like Queenstown the extreme views make it a very popular way to see the town.