Observations of The Dunedin Coast.

What is now was once imagined.

Here’s a quick snapshot or overview if you like of what I’ve been shooting recently. Since early November I’ve been hanging around the Dunedin beaches on the eastern coastline. This is a wee glance at some of the images that I haven’t published on my Facebook or Instagram feeds, or in the Photo Library. These are moments of observations that caught my eye as I wandered.

Observations – What is now was once imagined.
I’m looking at you, you’re looking at me.

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Monday Night Spirit House

Around The Esplanade- Dunedin, New Zealand

24.07.17,  6:30pm – After mass flooding that left carnage across Otago and the South Island,  normality is slowly returning with the weather conditions having settled down and the clean up operations underway.
Around the Esplanade, all’s quiet and well on a Monday night.

2407173270Spirit House

2407173263Night Hydro

2407173280Glittering Gold

2407173257Quiet Monday Night

In The Light Of The Awakening Tide

The Pacific Ocean – Dunedin, New Zealand

There’s always an aspect of surprise when you’re photographing a sunrise. While they can look similar to a sunset, personally I find them uniquely different. To me the difference is not in the finished image but the feeling of when you’re out chasing them. They bring with them a sense of freshness, a new beginning or the starting point of a new adventure. There’s always the drawback of having to get up incredibly early to catch them, but when you’re greeted  with light like this, it’s always worth it no matter how much the alarm stings.


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Cold he wander’d on high

Macraes Flat – Macraes, New Zealand

The area around Macraes really has to be caught in a dramatic light. In a nice light or moody conditions, the landscape starts to take on a different facade. The tussock, rocks and barren features all become interesting structures on their own.

We’d been driving around the area near Macraes Flat for an hour or so without any luck. There was low lying mist and while it was very atmospheric, there wasn’t much happening in the way of interesting scenes. That was until we came around a bend and saw an old, unused carriage.


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