Unwilling I looked from above afraid to count the rain drops.

Paekakariki Hill – Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

The view from the Paekakariki Hill lookout is a spectacular and impressive no matter what the weather. I been up there on both a fine day and during a storm. The scenery on a fine day is amazing as you can see up the coast and out past Kapiti Island while on a bad day you get just as an amazing view of the weather fronts moving up and down the coast. It’s situated as you come over from Pauatahanui heading up Paekakariki Hill Road and head down towards Paekakariki.


Vision, illusions and day dreams

Waitati – Dunedin, New Zealand

One afternoon I had this fleeting vision while going past Waitati and Blueskin Bay. It was one of those early spring days which have both a taste of winter and summer rolled into one. A storm front had just passed through the bay and while the sun was starting to peek through the clouds behind me. It didn’t last long however it lasted just long enough to take it in.


Sometimes can you feel the pressure will unwind.

McGouns Track – Dunedin, New Zealand

The bush has a very still, silent feel to it and if you manage to find a stream then a timeless sensation starts to take over. I visited a few streams around McGouns Track in North Dunedin last week on an overcast afternoon.  It had been sometime since I’d explored the bush yet once I was there, it seemed like only yesterday.


Feel the gravity of one’s soul.

Lawyers Head – Dunedin, New Zealand

I took this last week. It had been one of those lovely, warm spring days that makes you think of summer. I based myself on a set of rocks near an area called Lawyers Head. It’s a great spot to capture rocks and waves at dusk, however it’s also near a seagull nesting colony and they get very protective from time to time. It’s not easy to keep one eye on the swooping seagulls, another on the incoming tide and yet another on the camera and filters.


The sand raised up her head.

Lawyers Head – Dunedin, New Zealand

The sand raised up her head,
covered with the glow of comfort and trust.
‘Keep believing in what stands’ the light sea breeze said,
in a moment of sense and reason.

For a  change of pace I headed down to the beach the other night to catch the last rays of light on a #dunnerstunner evening in Dunedin NZ. I arrived just in time to get the sun dropping down through the sand dunes before disappearing into tomorrow. Thanks Dunedin, New Zealand



Pick a direction and see where it goes

Lindenow Intersection – Victoria, Australia.

Turn left and it’s the quick way back home, go straight ahead and it’s the long way  or turn right and head down the unknown road. Which direction would you take? I went right … it was a dead end!! While out walking one morning in Lindenow in Australia I came across this intersection. Not the busiest intersection in the world, I was told that two or three cars was a busy day!

Lindenow Intersection