Railing Near The Long Dog

Railing near Long Dog

This is an image from my series titled ‘from the Esplanade – 30 images in 30 days’. It wasn’t included in the initial series of images, however it’s an image that I wanted to give life too. This spot is at the Long Dog Cafe which is at the end of the Esplanade also the entrance to the Salt Water Pool which is currently closed for the winter. It’s also an amazingly stunning spot to start the day at.
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Skater Girl (Day 30 of 30)

When the whether changes and drops in Dunedin, it really changes. A few days ago the weather was warm and pleasant. Then, all of sudden a southwesterly change hit, the temperature dropped and the outlook for the rest of the week is left looking average. Not to be downhearted, today is number 30 of 30. My goal was to photograph and publish the Esplanade each day for 30 days. In real time it was probably more like 35 to 40 days however as they were my rules, I decided they were some what flexible.
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Shadows & Light

Hill Top Glow (Day 25 of 30)

Happy Thursday all. OK, so day 25 of 30 has been a bit overdue, by 6 days actually. I was covering rugby all weekend and then a few very long working days earlier in the week meant I didn’t get anywhere near the Esplanade or my blog. Fortunately, today was a little less manic and I was able to end the day watching the light disappear over the hills of Andersons Bay before the coast was cast into shadows.
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becoming fine??

Along the rail (Day 23 of 30)

I tried to time today’s images so I wasn’t shooting in the rain. However, the forecast for the next 3 days in Dunedin is outstanding for July! If the metservice is correct the temperature is going to soar to a whopping 13 degrees. Remembering at the beginning of the month it was 3 degrees in the middle of the day, 13 and fine sounds terrific to me. Hopefully the surf conditions pick up for a few aqua images as well.
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High Tide + Arvo Drift

Arvo Drift (Day 22 of 30)

The school holidays and high tide on the Esplanade mean one thing. Lots of wet kids! The sea spray that’s created from the waves hitting the sea wall is very impressive and it soaks the footpath and anything near by. Kids have great fun standing and waiting for the waves to it and then try and run out of the way (unsuccessfully) without getting wet.
Lots of holiday fun.
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