Cold he wander’d on high

Macraes Flat – Macraes, New Zealand

The area around Macraes really has to be caught in a dramatic light. In a nice light or moody conditions, the landscape starts to take on a different facade. The tussock, rocks and barren features all become interesting structures on their own.

We’d been driving around the area near Macraes Flat for an hour or so without any luck. There was low lying mist and while it was very atmospheric, there wasn’t much happening in the way of interesting scenes. That was until we came around a bend and saw an old, unused carriage.


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With silent delight

Fields of Yellow – Palmerston, New Zealand

These fields of rapeseed often become a local attraction when the plants flower and huge fields turn into a sea of yellow. When you see it on a nice summer day with the green surrounds it really does become a wonder of colour.

This composition took longer to find than I thought it would. The tricky balance was getting the right amount of yellow and green at the front, while not leaving the rest of the image tight. The clouds also brought another dimension to the image after waiting for 5 minutes.




Waiting …. upon the land of beauty

Karitane Coastline – Karitane, New Zealand.

Exploring around the coastline of Karitane and the Huriawa Pa was really fun. I found myself clambering over rocks, past seaweed and even stopping to view a few rock pools. It was like revisiting my childhood. Mind you, I couldn’t have picked a windier day to do it!

I instantly knew I wanted to do this shot in black and white. The textures of the rock and the wood when added to the early afternoon light meant my mind was thinking and seeing in black and white.


Others will watch the time past bye

Corner of Switchback and Craig Road – Dunback, New Zealand.

I like the idea of images that draw you in to have a long stare, rather than a quick glance or a fleeting moment of ‘wow.’ This is one of those scenes that seems to really appeal to me and makes me want to look for a wee bit longer. Maybe it’s hint of what once was, but what looks like an old loading ramp (or something similar) like this seems to hold a lot of stories. It almost says, ‘hang around for a bit.’