There wasn’t a bad view to be had.

Allan’s Beach – Dunedin, NZ.

A completely serene place to have an afternoon walk and forget about the world for a few moments. This is on the coastline on the east side of the Otago Peninsula in Dunedin. The vast majority of visitors to this place seem to be locals as they know it’s a fantastic spot. The last time I visited I had the whole beach to myself apart from the local fur seals and there wasn’t a bad view to be had no matter where I stood. I ended up coming across this old tree that seemed to be growing out of the sand like a wrinkly old hand.  If you head down to the end of the beach you arrive at the entrance to a lagoon, but that’s a whole new adventure.


Authenticity will have the final say.

Lawyers Head – Dunedin, New Zealand

312 seconds or 5.2 minutes was the exposure time for this shot. I was testing a new neutral destiny filter which gave me a nice long exposure time at Lawyers Head to capture the movement of the water as the clouds sailed past at dusk. Lawyers Head is actually part of golf course so I’m sure  there’s a few golf balls in that water. I know I’ve hit a few in there in my time.


To be abandoned yet loved.

Abandoned farmhouse at Hooper’s Inlet  House – Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Sadly this house is no more. It stood for a long time in a farm paddock by Hopper’s Inlet on the Otago Peninsula, right beside a Department Of Conservation walking track. That meant access to the house was pretty easy. In some ways it became an icon of the area because it was certainly well photographed (and loved) until a winter storm last year finally brought her to the ground.


Vision, illusions and day dreams

Waitati – Dunedin, New Zealand

One afternoon I had this fleeting vision while going past Waitati and Blueskin Bay. It was one of those early spring days which have both a taste of winter and summer rolled into one. A storm front had just passed through the bay and while the sun was starting to peek through the clouds behind me. It didn’t last long however it lasted just long enough to take it in.


Beyond the point of celebration

Queens Garden – Dunedin, New Zealand

Beyond this point in time,
recalled from the past,
beyond this point of celebration.
Recalled from the hidden memories,
beyond where future generations might roam.

In Queens Garden here in Dunedin there’s this impressive six metre high Stone Celtic cross. It was put in place in 2001 to celebrate the new millennium and link back to Dunedin religious roots. My timing was a little off when I took this shot though as I picked a night that was being interrupted by light spots of rain. I also had to return in daylight to read the inscription!


This Cross Was Given To The City By
The Christian Churches Of Dunedin
To Mark The Birth Of The
Christian Faith 2000 Years Ago
To Remind Future Generations
Of Their Christian Heritage
And to Recall The Arrival Here
Of The First Christian Settlers
Hoaturia Te Ripek A Nei Ki Otepoti
E Nga Nahi Karaitiana
Hei Tohu Timatanga Mo Te Karaitiana
Whakapono No Te Tau Rua Nano O Mua Atu
He Whakamaharatanga Tenei Mo Te
Whakatipuranga Hou Mo O Ratou
Taonga Turu Iho, Me Te Taenga
Tuatahi Mai O Nga Tangata Whai
Whakapono A Te Karaiti