The Breaking Wave

Where we are called by name.

Here’s another image from last Saturday at Blackhead Beach. This is right before a large, dark rain started forming and gathering towards the south. It was kinda weird as the tide was pretty low, yet  consistent, but every so what seemed like a random wave would break.

The breaking wave – Where we are called by name.
A lone wave breaks at Blackhead Beach. Buy Image

A Brooding Storm

My notes are driven.

I watch this dark bank of rain cloud make it’s way up the coast on Saturday afternoon. I was at  Blackhead Beach and noticed that a large bank of cloud was gathering and slowly progressing towards Dunedin. By the time I took this image the sky was starting to look pretty spectacular. It turned into a fizzer really. It promised excitement but instead was a bit disappointing really.

A Brooding Storm – My notes are driven.
Rain clouds crawl up the East Coast, South of Dunedin past Blackhead Beach.  Buy Image

Dunedin At Dusk

Along the path of rock and time.

The Dunedin peninsula has some fabulous stone walls on it that date all the way back to the days of the first settlers. They break up the land like a jigsaw and while some have fallen down, there’s still a large number that are standing, which is fairly impressive considering how exposed to the elements some of the walls are. If you go exploring for them you’ll need to remember that they are on private land and farms, especially around lambing time. Fortunately, this track is open to the public throughout the whole year.

Dunedin At Dusk – Silent I hover all the evening dusk.

Right Angles

On The Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

25.07.17,  5:30pm – The evening swell was creating waves in all sorts of directions tonight as the tide pounded the sea wall and rocks (and walkers) in Tuesday’s dropping light. As well as the traditional in and out motion of the sea, the rebounding waves off the rocks also created some small, but surfable waves that washed in front of the Esplanade at right angles.

2507173311Evening at St Clair

2507173293The Building Swell

2507173309Late Waves

Monday Night Spirit House

Around The Esplanade- Dunedin, New Zealand

24.07.17,  6:30pm – After mass flooding that left carnage across Otago and the South Island,  normality is slowly returning with the weather conditions having settled down and the clean up operations underway.
Around the Esplanade, all’s quiet and well on a Monday night.

2407173270Spirit House

2407173263Night Hydro

2407173280Glittering Gold

2407173257Quiet Monday Night

The Last Light

On The Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

20.07.17, 4:30pm – There’s always a small crowd on the Esplanade at the end of the day at the moment, with people enjoying the last of the day’s rays as the sun fades from sight. If the forecast is anything to go by, we might not be seeing the sun or the warm winter light for the next few days, so best make the most of it.
It’s going to bucket down!

2007172064The Evening Crowd


2007172067Deep In Thought

2007172106Last Light


2007172100Spending Time