That sings so loud a song.

2017 New Zealand Combined Events Championships

Lying on the track like dead ducks and they still had another day to go. This was the scene after the Mens Under 18 and Under 20, 400 metres on Saturday. The 400 metres was the fifth and last event of the Decathlon on day 1 of the New Zealand Combined Events Championships. After this, they had to come back first thing in the morning and do it all again!

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Aramoana – Dunedin, New Zealand

Of all the days I picked to climb up Keyhole rock at Aramoana, I’m not sure why I picked a windy one. The wind was fair rocking past this point in fierce gusts that were just infrequent enough to let me get settled, when another one would hit. Fortunately, I was perched on a ledge that I could tuck myself right back on, giving me a bit of shelter.


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To these delightful elements.

Bathing Beach – Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Exploring Stewart Island will reward you with all sorts of surprises on both land and sea. One of the gratifying experiences is simply to stroll around the township of Oban in Halfmoon Bay and discover all the delightful elements it holds. On one such walk I ended up at Bath Beach in Halfmoon Bay at 6:00am on the last day of 2016, waiting for the light to lift. Not a bad way to end the year.


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That which rewards the bold.

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Feehly Hill – Arrowtown, New Zealand

The scenery that surrounds Arrowtown is stunning at any time of the year and no visit to the historic town is complete without undertaking a walk on one of its famous trails. There are easy flat strolls that head around the town and along the banks of the Arrow River, trails for visitors that want a longer walk and tracks that head up in the hills and reward your efforts with unsurpassed views of Arrowtown and the further Wakatipu basin. One of these (although shorter than some of the longer hill trails) is the Feehly Hill track which only takes about 20 minutes, but a decent pair of shoes is required as the track starts at the Cemetery and winds its way through the plantings mixed with scrub on the lower reaches of the hill before heading up the rocky slope.  Once at the top it’s a great view across the basin and towards The Remarkables, although the track does drop steeply down on one side.


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Like me, it happens all the time.

The Spartan 10’s

I spent nearly 11 hours photographing a rugby tournament on Saturday here in Dunedin. The tournament was raising funds for seriously injured rugby players and involved 15 teams.
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Huriawa Pa – Karitane, New Zealand

There are so many coastal spots here around Otago that when you’re travelling it’s hard to know where to stop! In fact, here on the South Island there are incredible coastal spots all over the place where you can enjoy the scenery.   One spot I occasionally call in at is a  town call Karitane. It’s just north of Dunedin and on the peninsula there is the former Huriawa Pa site. It’s a great location to explore and a neat way enjoy the rocky coastline while appreciating a bit of local history at the same time.




Be it to a beautiful future.

Ravensbourne – Dunedin, New Zealand

It was just becoming light when I pulled the car over to stop near the railway tracks. I hadn’t been down the western side of the harbour at dawn for a while and the early morning rumble of traffic was yet to pick up. Somewhere up in the distance, at the harbour entrance, the local wildlife would be stirring and rising on the beach in the warm morning light. But back here on the bridge, above the railway tracks a different kind of movement would soon be shattering the calm. I leaned forward on the rail, rested an elbow on the cracked and chipped paint before looking down … footpath, railway tracks, rocks and harbour all cloaked in an orange glow. “Not bad Dunedin” I thought to myself before opening my bag.




Somewhere between the hour of daylight and darkness.

Halfmoon Bay – Stewart Island, New Zealand

I was somewhere between the hour of daylight and darkness when my head began to wake. Having walked to the top of the street, I suddenly became more lucid as my lungs sucked in the cool, fresh morning air. I remember thinking how quickly the brisk walk had truly woken me when I suddenly realised all around me was quiet, not a soul was in sight and nor had I seen anyone. As I turned a lazy street corner that gently rolled around the hill top, I spied a brilliant glow of light growing in the shadows. “Wow! That’s going to be a great sky” I said to myself, parking my bag on the heavily dewed grass.

Down below, the boats at anchor seemed content to sit still on the gentle, calm tide. My head now having completely aroused itself to the new dawn forming beyond the far shore of Halfmoon Bay. I was so distracted in my thoughts that I barely noticed the two people walking past. No point mentioning the sky I thought to myself, they’ll see it soon enough.

Dawn breaks over halfmoon bay



Here we see these visions are big

Lake Dunstan & Clyde Dam – Clyde, New Zealand

The trip to the top of the lookout above Clyde is a pretty spectacular drive, however I ended up doing it in the middle of winter, in the dark, with a decent frost on the ground. About three quarters of the way up I had to abandon the car (due to ice) and finish the journey on foot!

This shot was an exercise in patience. Once I found the spot I wanted it was a case of getting the settings and calculations correct and waiting for cars to head along the road beside Lake Dunstan while hoping the sky lasted.



There grows the human spirit

White Island & St Clair – Dunedin, New Zealand

The Esplanade at St Clair is a lovely area of coast with some outstanding bars and restaurants. It’s also home to White Island and ‘The Poles’ on St Clair beach which have become iconic in their own right.

Instead of making ‘The Poles’ the focal point of this image, I wanted to make them a part of it. Personally, I love the way White Island sits just off the coast of St Kilda and St Clair, appearing to be in a constant state of flux with the light and sea forever dancing around it.