Middlemarch farm field.

There’s too many places.

Once you head out of the cities, you get to see some dramatic weather changes take place that are made more extreme by the landscapes. When I was out exploring around Middlemarch it had been pretty nice all day until the weather turned and the clouds started to roll in, getting darker and darker so I found this near by field, set up my gear and waited and watched as the weather changed.

The Long Way Around
Middlemarch farm field – There’s too many places.
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St Bathans’ School Ruins.

To play, he’d come running out.

I love the gold mining regions of Central Otago, there’s so many interesting places, tracks and locations to explore that it’s hard to imagine ever running out of options. This is the ruins of the old school in St Bathans’ that’s been standing since 1875. It’s slowly tumbling down from being abandoned and exposed to the elements, but when I was there I was told that it has recently been sold and the new owner is hoping to restore at least part of it. Doesn’t that make you wonder …. what if?

St Bathans’ School Ruins – To play, he’d come running out!
Abandoned school at St Bathans’. Find me on Facebook.


Here we see these visions are big

Lake Dunstan & Clyde Dam – Clyde, New Zealand

The trip to the top of the lookout above Clyde is a pretty spectacular drive, however I ended up doing it in the middle of winter, in the dark, with a decent frost on the ground. About three quarters of the way up I had to abandon the car (due to ice) and finish the journey on foot!

This shot was an exercise in patience. Once I found the spot I wanted it was a case of getting the settings and calculations correct and waiting for cars to head along the road beside Lake Dunstan while hoping the sky lasted.



A silent invisible traveller did come by

Poolburn – Ida Valley, New Zealand

Getting to Poolburn is an adventurous drive up the Old Dunstan Road that twists and turns through part of the Ida Valley. Once you get there, it’s like an oasis or a well-kept secret with the old huts scattered around a marvellous lake.

I played around with all sorts of compositions at Poolburn and I fell into the trap of over thinking what I wanted to capture. The final result (which I’m pretty pleased with), came after putting the camera down, stopping and asking myself, “what unique view speaks to me?”


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And I feared not the wind that blew

Websters Lane – Ida Valley, New Zealand

The wind was fairly whistling through the Ida Valley when I saw this view from the car window. It was a moment that seemed typical of the Ida Valley

I took the opportunity to take this from a low perspective as it gave the image a different feeling and mood. Once the horizon was lowered the image instantly changed and made me start to wonder ……


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Does not hide it’s pride and joy

Mitchells Cottage – Alexandra, New Zealand

Mitchells Cottage is a surerb example of what living would have been like in the 1880’s in Central Otago. It was built by gold miner, Andrew Mitchell, for his brother and sister-in-law. Building began in 1880 and he used local stone masonry techniques he had learned from his father.

There were so many different ways to photograph this wonderful old building it was hard to decide which image to choose. what drew me to this one was the fact that you get a real sense of the hillside and the harsh surrounds.


That I wandered this far from home

Home Hills Runs Road – St Bathans, New Zealand

There are many roads around the St Bathans and Ida Valley area like Home Runs Road. They seem long and deserted, yet they still have their own unique sense of calmness and wonder.

Once I dropped the horizon down and let the sky and road take centre stage this image started to give the sense of what it really felt like, standing in the middle of an empty Central Otago Road.