Inside The Vulcan Hotel

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That you are here.

I stayed here one night and almost had the place to myself. I’m not sure what I would have done if it was busy. It was the perfect spot to process a few photos over a pint or two of Speight’s. Apart from a Grandfather and Grandson at the end of the bar happily sharing tales about fish and a lady in the dinning room, it was a very quiet night. They certainly didn’t might me setting up my camera for a photo before the landlady told us about the local ghost.

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Competition – Give Away

I decided it’s time to give away some art. I’ve got this lovely 18 x 12 inch print of Dunedin’s historical home, Olveston to give away.  It’s mounted, framed, finished with glass  and has a value of $400. The great thing is that it’s all ready to be hung and an enjoyed in your home, office, flat, or wherever you desire.
Printing by the The Photo Gallery in Dunedin.
Mounting and framing by Gallery De Novo in Dunedin.

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Remains In St Bathans

Bravery Will Have It’s Reward

I’m rather fond of old buildings and their history, there’s something deeply fascinating about them and going through the process of discovery. This is the former school at St Bathans which was closed in 1949 with a roll of 7. At its peak the school roll reached 40 pupils but as the gold rush in St Bathans died and prospectors moved on, the school roll declined. The stone building was built in 1875 using a ninety-pound grant from the Otago Education Board and a Grand Ball was held to mark it’s opening.

It’s hard to imagine how cold the stone building must have been in winter with just an open fireplace to fight against the cold of Central Otago where ink sometimes froze in the inkwells on the desks. The building (which is heritage-listed) was recently on the market with a 3187 square-metre section for $185,000.

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