Truly Unique Wellington

Solace of the Wind

I love this sculpture by artist Max Patte. I visit it every time I go to Wellington but I always seem to catch it in the morning. I’ll have to make a return trip one day to catch it with the evening light behind it. I did a bit of research about it the first time I saw it and it turns out that it was originally loaned to the city for a year in the hopes of finding a patron but has been there ever since (that’s ten years now!).

Solace of the Wind – Buy

Competition – Give Away

I decided it’s time to give away some art. I’ve got this lovely 18 x 12 inch print of Dunedin’s historical home, Olveston to give away.  It’s mounted, framed, finished with glass  and has a value of $400. The great thing is that it’s all ready to be hung and an enjoyed in your home, office, flat, or wherever you desire.
Printing by the The Photo Gallery in Dunedin.
Mounting and framing by Gallery De Novo in Dunedin. Continue reading Truly Unique Wellington

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In Love With Colin McCahon

Am I Scared Boy (eh).

There’s a reason Colin McCahon is widely regarded as New Zealand’s most important modern artist and if you get a chance to view his work, it doesn’t take long to understand why. I had the chance to see an exhibition of his work in Wellington which had me (and many others) spellbound. I only hope I get to see another exhibition of his.Am I Scared Boy (eh) – Buy

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And Are Up For All To See.

It seems typically kiwi that a fence with bra’s on it can become iconic. This fence, which is found in Cardona near Wanaka was actually  renamed ‘Bradrona’ some years ago and is now a spot where people can make donations towards the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. The original story goes that It began around 1999, when four bras mysteriously appeared overnight on a fence along the Cardrona Valley Road. 

And are up for all to see – Buy

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McNally Road in the Ida Valley

New Adventures In 2019

Welcome to a new year! Let’s kick off the 2019 adventures at the head of Lake Wakatipu near Glenorchy.

Uncertain Journey’s Have Been A Long Time Coming.

I can’t claim this to be original at all. It’s very much inspired by Grahame Sydney but then again, it’s hard to go through the Ida Valley without begin inspired by the iconic Central Otago Artist. However, instead of copying one of his locations I tried to find a new location that had all the elements of a Grahame Sydney painting. The low horizon extending beyond the canvas, a road, a give-way sign and I even managed to get a few birds in the sky.

Uncertain Journey's Have Been A Long Time Coming.Uncertain journey’s have been a long time coming – Buy

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Lindis Pass Summit

Trek forth, to seek and find.

This is the incredible view from the summit of the Lindis Pass scenic look out. I do wonder, after a steep climb like this, is it normal to find it easier going down than coming up? My legs were fairly killing me when I got to the top, but going back down the sheep tracks proved most useful. The official look out and viewing platform is a short 200m stroll up a path from the car park, but if you’re keen, there’s a mountain goat style climb up the steep hill to get this outstanding view of the Lindis Pass.
It might be worth a return visit in winter. 
Trek forth, to seek and find.
Trek forth, to seek and find  – Buy

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Beyond The Eastern Steeps

It’s a story, a moment, a time, a place, a feeling, a state of mind and a sense that time can stand still. This is a corner of the world, where stories are shared behind images while trying to seeking out and capture the still, silent and timeless places.
It’s how we see life; It’s how we see the world.

It’s a story, a curiosity, a moment, a time, a place, a feeling, a state of mind, an adventure and a sense that time can stand still for a few seconds.

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One Of Those Mornings

Tis A Peaceful Moment For The Heart

Yesterday I posted an image of an abandoned cottage that I pass everyday near Waikouaiti. This is another spot I pass everyday between Waikouaiti and Palmerston. Sometimes I get to see an insane sunrise with all sorts of light and colour in the sky, other mornings it can an intense blast of a single colour that disappears as quickly as it appeared. Then, there are the other times when it is gray, overcast and boring. This was one of those mornings that wakes me up with a slap across my face and blasts a single ray of colour into my early morning thoughts. 

Tis a peaceful moment for the heart – Buy

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Part Of Every Day

Into The Great Expanse

I been thinking for a while about shooting in the water instead of only from the beach. So, yesterday I ventured down to Smails Beach, armed with some new toys, and headed into the water to shoot this short video. It’s certainly a different view than being on the beach.

And This Be Part Of Every Day

This old cottage is in a complete state of disrepair. In actual fact it’s beyond repair. It’s boarded up, walls have fallen in, floors have collapsed and the roof is long gone. That’s what makes it such an interesting place to explore.

And this be part of every day – Buy

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