Goodwood Sunrise

For A Light Will Start The Day

I often see the sun rising at this point during winter. Sitting right on the horizon is a line of trees that often captures the sun as it hits the horizon and sets the surrounding fields all a glow. This is a lower view point of that angle taken from the long grass along a fence line, not to far from the highway.

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The Oddity

Walked under painted lights.

This is the most intriguing shop window, I can’t help but look at it every time I go past. I think it’s at it’s best during winter when it’s dark in the morning and evening and it’s all lit up. There’s something magical and curious about it or maybe it’s the fact that it looks really interesting.

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Evening on McCallum Road

Believe it when you stop.

This is a road that I drive past every day on my way to work. It’s between Waikouaiti and Palmerston and I always wondered what was down it. One evening at sunset I detoured along it and found this interesting farm gate that included an old wooden fence, wagon wheels and it was surrounded by mud. Needless to say, I didn’t venture any further.

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Shag Point Sunrise

To Seek Such A Time

This a one of many wonderful East Otago sunrises I’ve caught over the years however I don’t always get to this location in the morning. It’s called Shag Point and it’s home to a large Fur Seal colony and also penguins if you’re lucky enough to spot them. Once you finish at Shag Point you can then call into the Moeraki Boulders which is just up the road.

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Competition – Give Away

I decided it’s time to give away some art. I’ve got this lovely 18 x 12 inch print of Dunedin’s historical home, Olveston to give away.  It’s mounted, framed, finished with glass  and has a value of $400. The great thing is that it’s all ready to be hung and an enjoyed in your home, office, flat, or wherever you desire.
Printing by the The Photo Gallery in Dunedin.
Mounting and framing by Gallery De Novo in Dunedin.

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Volcanic Light

When The Night Turns To Day.

This was a crazy sunrise that happened over several days in a row while heading through East Otago. It was when there was a volcanic eruption in another part of the world (South America I think) and the morning and evening light was super intense. Whether the light at sunrise and sunset was affected by an eruption so far away I’m not sure. It might have been a coincidence, but it was quite a morning show whatever caused it.

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