Arrowtown Frost

Have Some Things In Common?

There are these areas in Arrowtown that are covered in frost for most of the day during winter. Walking through parks or shaded areas on a frosty winter morning can be a really strange thing as you move quickly from areas of bright warm sun that heat relatively quickly to areas of shade that are still covered in frost with leaves that crunch under your feet like broken glass. The great thing about Arrowtown is that it has all sorts of paths and walkways to enjoy and they are just as nice in winter as they are in summer.

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Waikawa Bay

Resting by the past of tomorrow.

Waikawa Bay in Picton reminds me a lot of Halfmoon Bay in Stewart Island, only on a smaller scale. I think it’s the combination of the shape of the bay, the surrounding hills, the boats at anchor that drift with the tide but the similarities are far beyond physical. The casual, easy going nature of the people that past by and the relaxed feel of the small Picton Bay are hard not to enjoy. I spent a morning out in the water taking all kind of shots and watching the sun reflect in crazy ways between the boats.

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Queenstown Gardens

Be Thy Peace And Space

The pond in the Queenstown Gardens is marvellous when it’s covered in leaves. When I went there it had all sorts of colours surrounding it and reflecting off the water.  It’s a great place to have a stroll at lunchtime being only a few minutes walk from central Queenstown. It even has an 18 hole disc golf course.

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Historic Gold Miners Cottages

Till The Sun Does Descend

Following yesterday’s astounding autumn colours from Arrowtown and the Chinese Village by the Arrow River, here’s another autumn in Arrowtown image. Most of the images I see of the historic Gold Miners Cottages on the main street are fairly old, so I set out one day to create my own updated version. These cottages date back 140 years to the gold rush days and have been restored in the last years by the Department of Conservation.


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By The Arrow River

The Echoing Path

I’m not sure Central Otago and the Lakes District have a bad season. Summer and Winter are seasons of extremes and are completely unique while autumn is full of colour, as it is now. There are so many great reasons to visit Arrowtown and the colour of autumn is definitely one of them. If you get a chance to explore the Chinese Village by the Arrow River then the autumn leaves, trees and colours will astound you. I was lucky when I took this photo as it was a fairly still day, meaning the only blur I had to worry about was from other visitors. Sometimes blur and movement is okay in photos but on this particular occasion I wanted everything completely still.

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Tautuku Bay

Don’t let your confidence dissolve.

At the end of Tautuku Bay is a peninsula that’s full of wildlife and history. It’s a wonderful walk and a great way to explore a section of The Catlins coastline. Near the neck of the peninsula a whaling station ran for 7 years from 1839 and when the timber industry grew a port was developed as well. I’m pretty sure William Larnach was a major investor in the timber industry and used timber from this area on part of his castle in in Dunedin.

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Goodwood Sunrise

For A Light Will Start The Day

I often see the sun rising at this point during winter. Sitting right on the horizon is a line of trees that often captures the sun as it hits the horizon and sets the surrounding fields all a glow. This is a lower view point of that angle taken from the long grass along a fence line, not to far from the highway.

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Dunedin Railway Station

For A Gentle Light Does Move The Heart

The Dunedin Railway Station was built in 1903 and remains one of New Zealands most photographed buildings. It stands in an elegant  and grand location in ANZAC Square at the end of Stuart Street.

There are many views, scenes, moments and situations when I’ve photographed the Dunedin Railway Station. By far, my favourite view is looking across ANZAC Square to the front of the building when the flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue.

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Walking In Lindenow

But The Earth Murmuring Lowly

A few years back (I think) when we were visiting family who live in Lindenow, Australia I went walking and found this awesome windmill and water tank. It even had that old creaking sound as it gentle turned every so often. I took heaps of photos at a range of angles looking for a way to give the feeling of an absent human presences.

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