Peace & Love temple on South Bank.

The way of the world is love.

This was a real surprise to find while exploring the South Bank area in Brisbane as it seemed to suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It’s a temple for Peace and Love that was built for the 1988 Expo that was held in Brisbane and has remained ever since. It’s was like a hidden Oasis as it was 34 degrees at the time!

Peace & Love temple on South Bank – The way of the world is love.
The Peace & Love temple on South Bank in Brisbane. Find me on Facebook.

The Coolest Floor In Melbourne

I sent thee to the vanished garden of colour.

This is the most amazingly floor, which I found accidentally in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria or the NGV as it’s referred too. I was actually hoping to see the massive stain glass ceiling they have there but unfortunately it was closed for a private function by Dior so I wasn’t allowed in. Instead I went up to the first floor to get a better view of this fantastic floor that they have. Isn’t it hypnotic!I found that I could stare at it for ages and see all sorts of shapes and patterns in it.

The Coolest Floor In Melbourne – Tiptoe where the flowers are in bloom.
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Soon It Was Gone From Me.

Eucalyptus Trees At Dusk – Shepparton, Australia.

“The light never lasts long I thought to myself” and peace had finally come at the end of the day, although there remained a lasting haze of heat that sat, like a guest who had outstayed his or her welcome. Suddenly a loud, unsettled cry came drifting with the wind through the trees, followed by a lasting silence. The light was fading, the heat was dropping and it seemed the local bird life were now also settling down for the evening.

2709157878 - Encalyptus Trees In The Evening