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Pick a direction and see where it goes

Lindenow Intersection – Victoria, Australia.

Turn left and it’s the quick way back home, go straight ahead and it’s the long way  or turn right and head down the unknown road. Which direction would you take? I went right … it was a dead end!! While out walking one morning in Lindenow in Australia I came across this intersection. Not the busiest intersection in the world, I was told that two or three cars was a busy day!

Lindenow Intersection


Memory come hither.

Peka Peka Beach – Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.

It’s amazing what you remember you forgot from simply staring at the ocean. Up the road from Waikanae on the North Island’s west coast is a small settlement called Peka Peka. It’s one of those lovely long west coast beaches that seem to stretch on into the distance. It’s also the place were in 2011 an Emperor Penguin from Antarctica appeared. There weren’t any Penguins the day we were there, but the surf was being enjoyed by the locals.




The Catlins.

Nuggetpoint Lighthouse, The Catlins
Now the past will speak.
Nuggetpoint Lighthouse, The Catlins

10 Highlights no visitor should miss in the Catlins.

Welcome to The Catlins, a hidden gem.

The term hidden gem is often used in travel writing, however I sometimes wonder if so many locations are truly deserving of such a glamorous title. Yet, if there is one place that comes close, the Catlins must be near the top of the list.

Like any destination that attracts tourist and holiday makers, the Catlins has it’s share of popular spots that you are simply going to have to share with people most of the time. The great thing about the Catlins however is that even the busy locations aren’t really full of people, you’ll still be able to connect with a moment of solitude if you so desire. Locations such as the Cathedral Caves, Nugget Point Lighthouse and McLean Falls are never short of people taking in the dramatic scenes and other areas such as Slope Point, Tautuku Bay and Lake Wilkie often seem to have a steady stream of visitors too. Although it must be remembered that no matter how many people you have to share these locations with, they are truly remarkable landscapes that won’t disappoint you no matter what the weather.

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Getting Creative In Lightroom

Within the many features that Adobe has packed into Lightroom, one of the increasingly popular tools that are appearing online is the use of presets. I’ve been using presets for some time and the beautiful thing about this amazing function in Lightroom is that it has both practical and creative uses.

A Lightroom preset is essentially a saved set of photo editing settings that can be applied to any photo in Lightroom at the click of a button. To edit a photo in Lightroom you adjust a series of sliders. These settings can then be saved to creative a Lightroom preset. Once you have saved a number of presets you’ve started to build your own collection.

Lightroom Presets Snapshot
Lightroom Presets Snapshot

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Henri Cartier-Bresson: ‘There Are No Maybes’

Henri Cartier-Bresson (August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004) was a French photographer considered to be the father of photojournalism. He was an early adopter of 35 mm format, and the master of candid photograpghy. He helped develop the street photograpghy style that was coined The Decisive Moment that has influenced generations of photographers who followed. – Wikipedia.

In this article by The New York Times, revisit a 1971 interview between Shelia Turner-Seed and the great photograpgher and discover why ‘There are  no maybes.’

Follow this link to have a read, it’s well worth it.

Henri Cartier-Bresson; There are No Maybes – by The New York Times