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Tobins Track

Of Time Is Lost

The walk up (and up and up) Tobins Track in Arrowtown is an extremely worthwhile walk that rewards you with outstanding views of the Wakatipu Basin.  I did it with friends one hot, January evening in summer but half way up we got a little side tracked with a path leading to the crumbling remains of this hidden hut deep in the bush.

Of time is lost, but all remain  – Buy

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The Hokitika Gorge

A Place of Beauty

This is the Hokitika Gorge in much finer conditions and with a lot less water flowing through it than it did last week. There were reports last week that the water flow was nearly up to  that bridge you can see in the distance. Hopefully it all settles down just as quickly and it remains a place of beauty.

Then I went to a place of beauty – Buy

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I’m back ….

Sun & Rain

I’ve returned from a few weeks off covering the winter codes since February. Not that there really are winter and summer codes any more with so many sports crossing over into different seasons.

I was covering Athletics today and it seemed like at least two season rolled into one. Bright sunshine, overcast and heavy rain before changing back to bright sunshine again.

It made for interesting shooting conditions as light rain fell during bright sunshine.

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
The water – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
In the sand – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Taylor Thorne – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
On a wet track – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Liam Wilson – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Emily Hall battling the rain – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Maddy Spence – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Schuyler Orr – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Contesting the lead – Buy

Athletics Otago Interclub Meeting (10.11.18)
Rain drops – Buy

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A NeverEnding Story

Curiosity, Inquisitiveness and Thought.

The Esplanade

I view Caswell Images as a place of curiosity, inquisitiveness and thought. It’s a place that illustrates images from life around the Esplanade (and beyond) at St Clair in Dunedin. Rather than chasing the perfect shot, I depict life from around the Esplanade in all hours of the day, on a daily basis.

Caswell Images is based on the notion of silent observations. These silent observations happen in slow brain time, where looking is more important than doing. It’s a story, a moment, a time, a place, a feeling, a state of mind and a sense that time can stand still. This is a corner of the world, where stories are shared behind images while trying to seeking out and capture the still, silent and timeless places Dunedin’s coastline. In a way, all these images are observations and annotations, the things that are noticed or will try to explain by way of viewing, watching and looking. These notes aren’t taken with a pen, they’re taken with a camera as the world is quietly goes by for a while.

It’s how we see the world; to witness moments that make us laugh, cry, scream and smile; to be aware of what we see with our eyes and our heart; to feel and hear the wind change on a lonely beach and time drift beyond the oceans forgotten shore; to follow moments that vanish from sight yet are remembered forever; to enjoy the company of loved ones; to say hello and goodbye; to discover new sights in space and time; to eyewitness the changing of the seasons; to chase the dancing morning light; to observe and witness incredible stories and treasured moments; to realise the true nature of what we see; to see be amazed, inspired and to inspire others.
It’s how we see life;
It’s how we see the world.

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Test Post

Between the waiting and the arrival is now.

St Clair Esplanade

Another day on the esplanade, it’s 3:05pm and it’s all but empty. People sit in cars, sit in restaurants, sit in cafe’s or hurry between the two as the sun shines but the wind drops the temperature till the fingers are numb.

Between the waiting and the arrival is now – Buy

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