Beginning & End

A Walk On The Beach

I keep getting email’s from people wanting to give me money and scarves. Someone called David in the UK wants to transfer me 8 million pounds, Philip in the USA wants to send me 8 hundred thousand US dollars and Mazlan from Kuala Lumpur is trying to send me 13.2 million US dollars which was left behind by a client before his tragic death. Along with that, a company in Thailand is wanting to send me samples of the world’s finest hand made scarves.

Now I must confess to being a tiny bit suspicious of these emails and so it was I decided a walk was in order. With potentially over 35 million (NZ dollars) to spend, a clear head was needed. While I was juggling with the decision of whether to spend my windfall at either KMart, The Warehouse or on Trade Me, I got distracted by the beach.

Then, a new and equally random idea sprung to mind. What would a set of images taken at the beginning and end of the day, in the same location would look like. I thus decided to put my money spending ideas on hold and turned my attention to the beach.

Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 7:04am Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 7:06am Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 6:58am Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 5:40pm Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 5:42pm Wednesday 18th November, 2020 – 5:46pm

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