Western Marine Reserve

Kapiti Island

When we were over on Kapiti Island we spent a whole day exploring all the walking tracks on the northern end of the Island and being followed by all the Kaka. While we were their we trekked up the  5 km Okupe Valley track to the lookout above the western cliffs which has a 198 metre drop down to the Western Marine Reserve. The Kapiti Marine Reserve is actually a nationally significant ecological and scientific resource as it contains some of the finest underwater scenery in the greater Wellington region.

So this is me at the moment: I’m really enjoying exploring images that represent a place and time and hint at a human presence at the moment. Personally, I think that by capturing representations of human life that show the passing of time, it gives me a stronger inner connection to my own memories but it also allows me to connect and make sense of the world around me.

Western Marine Reserve
Western Marine Reserve
Kapiti Island – 2013

The Fine Art Collection by John Caswell

Purchase Description:
Limited Edition Framed and Mounted Print of 20 .
Titled, numbered and signed.

Limited Edition Print of 20
Titled, numbered and signed.

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