Mist In The Trees


I think that mist has this wonderful quality of time and curiosity about it. It always amazes me how mist or fog can make a moment stand still or create an element of curiosity to find out what lays beyond or through on the other side. Most of all, I love the way mist makes think and ponder of places, time and human interactions.

So this is me at the moment: I’m really enjoying exploring images that represent a place and time and hint at a human presence at the moment. Personally, I think that by capturing representations of human life that show the passing of time, it gives me a stronger inner connection to my own memories but it also allows me to connect and make sense of the world around me.

Mist In The Trees
Mist In The Trees
Seacliff – 2012

The Fine Art Collection by John Caswell

Purchase Description:
Limited Edition Framed and Mounted Print of 20 .
Titled, numbered and signed.

Limited Edition Print of 20
Titled, numbered and signed.

Contact me for pricing and further details: [email protected]

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