Answered With Questions More.

Moody Sunday

What moody day it turned into yesterday once the clouds started to roll in from the south. By the time I was wandering around St Clair in late afternoon, the temperature had significantly dropped and a fair wind was picking up.

Your 300 Seconds of Daily Escapism 

Need a bit of  escapism in your day? Spend 300 seconds getting distracted from reality and procrastinating with these breathtaking images from the beach. All today’s shots are from Sunday afternoon on the Esplanade.

Tho each colour had a story. – Buy Image

I heard the sounding sea – Buy Image

In whirlwinds of clouds.  – Buy Image

Answered with questions more.  – Buy Image

And seek the shadows of the dune.  – Buy Image

Troubled at the choice before thy.  – Buy Image

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