Abandoned House

Hooper’s Inlet

It’s a shame that this place no longer stands. It collapsed several years ago after a storm blew through and over the peninsula. At the time it was standing it was in the middle of a sheep paddock that had obviously been used by the local animal population for some time. Despite this, it still had this wonderfully personal family feeling about.

So this is me at the moment: I’m really enjoying exploring images that represent a place and time and hint at a human presence at the moment. Personally, I think that by capturing representations of human life that show the passing of time, it gives me a stronger inner connection to my own memories but it also allows me to connect and make sense of the world around me.

Abandoned HouseAbandoned House
Hooper’s Inlet 2010

The Fine Art Collection by John Caswell

Purchase Description:
Large Framed Image; limited Edition of 10.
White mounted print with black frame in glass.
Frame size: 820mm x 620mm (print size 700mm x 500mm)
Titled, numbered and signed.

Small Framed Image; limited Edition of 20.
White mounted print with black frame in glass.
Frame size: 580mm x 420mm (print size 460mm x 300mm)
Titled, numbered and signed.

Contact me for pricing and further details: [email protected]
Please allow up to 21 days for delivery. 

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