10 Tips To Improve Your Sports Photos

A Few Quick Tips


I spent some time on Saturday shooting sport with a 50mm lens and it made me think about posting some tips for people. I’ve been asked this many times before and one day I’ll go into more detail about each one. So, here are my 10 tips (plus two extra) for those that want to improve their sports photos.

  1. Get to know the sport (this one is really important!)
  2. Understand your camera and lens.
  3. Get to know how the light will affect your photos.
  4. Move around and move with the sport.
  5. Be patient – be ready.31
  6. Use a fast shutter speed.
  7. Use a fast auto-focus and burst mode.
  8. Get to know about ISO.
  9. Use either Aperture or Shutter Priority Mode.
  10. Take lots and lots of photos.
  11. Learn some basic photoshop skills.
  12. Know the sport (like I said, this one is really important!)








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It’s a matter of enjoying the the lighter moments of the game with a grin, a smile and a laugh before play restarts.

1104179748The lighter moments.
April 2017

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2904178422Kings High School 1st XV v St Kevin’s College 1st XV
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2904178489Kings High School 1st XV v St Kevin’s College 1st XV
April 2017 – Buy or See More

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