becoming fine??

Along the rail (Day 23 of 30)

I tried to time today’s images so I wasn’t shooting in the rain. However, the forecast for the next 3 days in Dunedin is outstanding for July! If the metservice is correct the temperature is going to soar to a whopping 13 degrees. Remembering at the beginning of the month it was 3 degrees in the middle of the day, 13 and fine sounds terrific to me. Hopefully the surf conditions pick up for a few aqua images as well.
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High Tide + Arvo Drift

Arvo Drift (Day 22 of 30)

The school holidays and high tide on the Esplanade mean one thing. Lots of wet kids! The sea spray that’s created from the waves hitting the sea wall is very impressive and it soaks the footpath and anything near by. Kids have great fun standing and waiting for the waves to it and then try and run out of the way (unsuccessfully) without getting wet.
Lots of holiday fun.
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Window Lights

Window Reflection (Day 21 of 30)

I was on the Esplanade at 8:00am today just before sunrise, as a wonderful glow was developing in the sky. It’s an interesting place in the mornings as somedays lots of people out walking in the chilly morning air. Then, there are days when the place is almost empty. Today seemed to be filled with dog walkers out and about as the morning sunrise bounced off the windows of the Esplanade Restaurant.
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Lady and the Dog

Lady and the Dog (Day 20 of 30)

This is part of an old boat ramp at one end of the Esplanade. It runs from the back of the St Clair Surf Life Saving Club and at one time use to run underneath the Esplanade and out into the ocean. In 2013, when sink holes appeared on the Esplanade the hold concrete ramp was deemed unsafe and so demolished. An alternative ramp was built at the northern end of the ocean wall near the poles.
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Just Another Bombtrack

Pastel Coloured Clouds (Day 19 of 30)

25 Steps (Day 18 of 30)

Today’s a double post filled with lots of random bits and pieces. Firstly, it’s a double post day as I didn’t get yesterday’s photo published. This was due to fact that I was covering some Grassroots rugby which you can see here if you’re interested

Secondly, today’s image (Pastel Coloured Clouds, Day 19 of 30) I managed to get during a short period when all the low cloud lifted and a touch of colour appeared in the sky.

Thirdly, I was listening to Rage Against The Machine while out shooting on the beach this afternoon, which inspired today’s blog post title Just Another Bombtrack.

Fourthly, I hope everyone on the West Coast is ok. About 1000 have been evacuated and are unable to return to their homes in Westport after a weekend of heavy rain and rising river levels caused widespread flooding over there.

Moving Day

Coastal cloud (Day 17 of 30)

It’s Day 17 of my 30 day project which I’m calling from the Esplanade … 30 images in 30 days. The objective is really simple, take and publish a photography everyday from The Esplanade in St Clair, Dunedin for 30 days. Currently I’m on day 17 and what I’ve found over the first 17 days is that a central theme and idea I keep coming back to is space. I find myself looking at the space created between objects and how objects interplay with each other. In today’s image the shape and size of the clouds as they drift overhead drastically alter the whole image, as do the breaking waves.

On the Esplanade it’s self, Friday must be moving day as there were lots of bags and suitcases being taken from the surrounding hotels out to cars and vans. Hopefully there’s lots of new guests arriving to enjoy the sunshine.
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Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

The Hy & Mum (Day 16 of 30)

I’m guessing Thursday must be power walking day on the Esplanade. This morning I saw two large groups of ladies power walking their way along the Esplanade and down the beach. One group even had their own music blasting away for inspiration. Just as they passed me Lady Gaga was telling them to “Walk, walk, fashion, baby, Work it, move that bitch crazy.” Then, as quickly as they had arrived, they disappeared off down the beach, into the sun, striding confidently and with purpose on the wet sand.
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Top Dog

Salt Water Reflection (Day 15 of 30)

The Dunedin Salt Water Pool is closed at the moment for the winter season. Currently it’s been invaded by sand and seaweed from the winter storms that have been hitting the coast recently, however come October when it reopens, it’ll be sparkling at a wonderful 28 degrees Celsius.

This morning I was following the light beyond point as the waves broke near the pool walls. Access to most of the pool area is blocked off however fortunately the owner and top dog at the Long Dog Cafe allowed me access beyond the barriers.
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Wave Dodging

Wall Light (Day 14 of 30)

It’s a stunning morning for walk along the sea wall today. A little chilly in the shade, but it is winter after all. I was doing just that this morning, only the tide was still going out so I was having to do some wave dodging to get the angle I wanted on this photo. The tide wasn’t out enough to safely stand on the rocks or beach so I was having to scramble back up the steps whenever a sizeable wave broke!
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