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Wandering Amazed In Thought

Normally when I’m at the Esplanade I’m running on tight time frames. Either the light is quickly disappearing and there isn’t much time to scan what’s going on or I have to dash off to work so time is limited.

Since it’s the school holidays however, I’ve had more time to let my mind wander and go where ever my thoughts take me. That led me to this image as I watched people come and go from park benches and the waves break before disappearing from view below the seawall.

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That So Many Have Seen.

Like a lot of other people, Second Beach is a favourite spot of mine. There’s something very enticing about the small curved bay that is tucked beyond the point of St Clair. Personally, I prefer to be down on the rocks along the beach, scrambling over them, avoiding the seaweed and wood that has been washed ashore. On this occasion it was high tide so I had to stay tucked up nice and close to the bank to get this shot as the high tide roared in carrying lots of debris with it. 

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Pastel Colours

The Day Along.

I took this late last month just after sunset at the Esplanade. There was still a decent amount of surfers in the water getting in a last run before darkness took hold however I spotted two surfers floating out where the light was reflecting off the ocean. Don’t you just love the gentle pastel colours in the sky? What a peaceful way to end the day.

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St Clair Glow

A Glow Where The Sun Goes Down.

Isn’t this light great? At St Clair the air is filled with small amounts of mist, ocean spray, sand and salt that can be seen from a distance. It’s like an eternal cloud hanging in the air over the Esplanade. On this occasion I caught it as the light from the sunset hit it which created this wonderful glow .

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But The Sky Is Still Lit

Doesn’t this look like a nice evening? It was right at that time when night starts to take over but the sky is still lit up by all sorts of nice colours. A view like this gives you a real sense of how the sky changes from light to dark as the sunset drops below the horizon. In actual fact, when I took this it was incredibly windy with lots of sand blowing up from the beach into my face. The grass gives it away as you can see it blowing in all sorts of direction. It was closing in on high tide as well. Usually there are lots of people using this track on a Sunday evening however on this occasion it was deserted. No takers for the beach I guess!

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Dunedin Railway Station

For A Gentle Light Does Move The Heart

The Dunedin Railway Station was built in 1903 and remains one of New Zealands most photographed buildings. It stands in an elegant and grand location in ANZAC Square at the end of Stuart Street. There are many views, scenes, moments and situations when I’ve photographed the Dunedin Railway Station. By far, my favourite view is looking across ANZAC Square to the front of the building when the flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and sky is a brilliant blue.

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White Island Forever Dancing

There Grows The Human Spirit

The Esplanade at St Clair is a lovely area of coast with some outstanding Bars and Restaurants. It’s also home to White Island and ‘The Poles’ on St Clair beach which have become icons in their own right. Instead of making the ‘The Poles’ he focal point of this image, I wanted to make them part of it. Personally, I love the way White Island sits just off the coast of St Kilda and St Clair, appearing to be in a constant state of flux with light and sea forever dancing around it.

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Esplanade Lights

Hides in eternity’s lights

This was last night on the Esplanade. I ventured out on a mission of chance to see what I could find. I often do this, it’s sort of a personal creative challenge to see what I can find and create at imperfect times of the day. In case you’re wondering, no the lights of St Clair along the Esplanade aren’t those colours. They are actually the type of street lights (sodium vapor I think ) that give off that awful orange glow, so I decided they needed some brightening up and changing with a bit of colour variation.

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Whatever The Reason

The Surfing Addition

Maybe it was the tail of the long weekend or maybe lots of people have taken 3 extra days off to given themselves a 10 day break, or it could be that everybody just clocked off early and headed for the surf. Whatever the reason, the conditions yesterday afternoon drew a fair crowd to the break at St Clair who enjoyed the high teen temperatures, the lack of wind and the enjoyable swell that was certainly fun. Here’s a short roll for you to enjoy.

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Arrowtown Frost

Have Some Things In Common?

There are these areas in Arrowtown that are covered in frost for most of the day during winter. Walking through parks or shaded areas on a frosty winter morning can be a really strange thing as you move quickly from areas of bright warm sun that heat relatively quickly to areas of shade that are still covered in frost with leaves that crunch under your feet like broken glass. The great thing about Arrowtown is that it has all sorts of paths and walkways to enjoy and they are just as nice in winter as they are in summer.

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