But For Another Hushed Tune

Waikouaiti River – Waikouaiti, New Zealand

Do you trust mornings? This was the Waikouaiti river yesterday at about 7:30am and to tell the truth, I didn’t completely trust the weather! When you get a late autumn morning this still, calm and placid it’s hard to not expect something dramatic to happen. Turns out I was wrong, it was just a lovely day.


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The Chainlink Sculpture

Lee Bay – Stewart Island, New Zealand

On the North side of Stewart Island is Lee Bay where you’ll find the gateway to the Rakiura National Park and a terrific sculpture. The walk/tramp through the Rakiura National Park is 32 kilometers, it takes 3 days and and everyone we talked to on Stewart Island said it was an amazing walk to do, and it’s actually listed on the ‘ten great walks of New Zealand’. At the gateway to the Park is a giant Chainlink sculpture which symbolises the anchor chain of the Maori legend Māui who, fished up Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island) and anchored it with Rakiura (Stewart Island). As far as sculptures go, it’s kinda cool.

Anchor Chain Link

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The Hydro


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St Clair Esplanade – Dunedin, New Zealand

What better way to celebrate a public holiday than with a nice 26 degree day. Here in Dunedin yesterday it was Otago Anniversary Day, marking the anniversary of when the Scottish Free Church settlers arrived at Port Chalmers on the ships the Philip Lang and the John Wickcliffe in 1848. The esplanade area out by St Clair beach was a busy place with cafe’s and restaurants such as The Esplanade Restaurant, Salt, Starfish and Pier 24 all proving popular while the surfing conditions attracted a crowd of it’s own as well.


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Dare Its Deadly Clasp?

The Beehive – Wellington, New Zealand

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in photography is processing a photo to soon. I took this in April, 2016 and several times I’ve looked at it in my Lightroom catalogue, however until now I’ve resisted the temptation to work on it. This is because I couldn’t get a feel for what I wanted the image to say. Recently though, I suddenly started wondering how it would look in black and white, when suddenly it all started to come together.

Artists are creative people, and if you’re like me you won’t want to wait once  an idea is developing in the mind. This is seen in photography by the instant way images are now taken and displayed. It can be easy to destroy an image by processing it with poor techniques or by not having a clear idea about what you want the image to say. As painful as it is, I find that a little patience between capturing and processing the image gives me much more satisfying results.


When The Light Threw Out Its Spears.

St Kilda Beach – Dunedin, New Zealand

I almost never got this image. I was on my way down to St Kilda beach when the fence post and flower caught my eye. Initially, I thought nothing of it, but in a split second a switch flicked in my mind that said what if ….? What if, I wait for a few minutes and see what the light does? What if I could capture the colour of the developing sky while retaining the blue of the ocean? What if I could also capture some of the green in the bank along with the blue and the orange. Once my mind had started to ask those questions, I couldn’t possibly ignore them, I had to see if I could pull them all together.


Soon It Was Gone From Me.

Eucalyptus Trees At Dusk – Shepparton, Australia.

“The light never lasts long I thought to myself” and peace had finally come at the end of the day, although there remained a lasting haze of heat that sat, like a guest who had outstayed his or her welcome. Suddenly a loud, unsettled cry came drifting with the wind through the trees, followed by a lasting silence. The light was fading, the heat was dropping and it seemed the local bird life were now also settling down for the evening.

2709157878 - Encalyptus Trees In The Evening

And When Thy Heart Does Fly.

The Skyline – Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s not hard to tell why Queenstown is such a popular destination for tourists, business retreats and artists. The scenery of the resort town is spectacular and it boasts over 200 adventure tourism activities. These include skiing, snowboarding, jet boating, whitewater rafting, bungy jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, tramping, paragliding, and sky diving among the popular choices for those with a sense of adventure.

This is the view from the Skyline Gondola, Restaurant and Luge which is a must on your next visit. They also offer a stargazing package which gives an unbelievably clear view of the night sky.


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In The Light Of The Awakening Tide

The Pacific Ocean – Dunedin, New Zealand

There’s always an aspect of surprise when you’re photographing a sunrise. While they can look similar to a sunset, personally I find them uniquely different. To me the difference is not in the finished image but the feeling of when you’re out chasing them. They bring with them a sense of freshness, a new beginning or the starting point of a new adventure. There’s always the drawback of having to get up incredibly early to catch them, but when you’re greeted  with light like this, it’s always worth it no matter how much the alarm stings.


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