A friendly smile and a word is sweet.

Buildings are great to photograph because you can do all sorts of things with them. They’re fascinating to explore at all sorts of angles from all sorts of positions and points of view. New buildings have different characteristics than old buildings which means that they interact with light different and they are loads of fun to process in whatever programme you use. Personally, I think I like old doorways the most however I thought this building corner in Dunedin was kinda funky with it’s dark windows.

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Te Aho a Māui

Let The Beginning Connect Us

Mist can be such a cool effect, especially if you’re lucky enough to find it hanging around in a city. This is the Wellington waterfront one morning as low thick mist covered almost everything until the day warmed up. I found this sculpture by Rewi Thompson  that was partially covered in the mist and it had this cool stone, tile effect surrounding it.

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Evening on McCallum Road

Believe it when you stop.

This is a road that I drive past every day on my way to work. It’s between Waikouaiti and Palmerston and I always wondered what was down it. One evening at sunset I detoured along it and found this interesting farm gate that included an old wooden fence, wagon wheels and it was surrounded by mud. Needless to say, I didn’t venture any further.

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An Evening On The Karetai Track

To unfold the evening sight.

I love this view of the Otago coastline from the Karetai track, especially at sunset. There are so many spots that give a marvellous view up and down the coast and the stone wall also adds a great dimension. Stone walls like these are scattered all over the Otago Peninsula, I love using these to add text to photos.

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Dusk on St Kilda Beach

And now the next time returns again.

This is a sunset from last month I shot at dusk on St Kilda Beach. I always shoot with an end image in mind and that’s just what I did with this image. I had to do some image correction as the original had gone a little bit fisheye-ish on the sides but after a quick setting change in Lightroom it was all fixed.

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Don’t forget to listen.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last blog post. I try and post every day but the last week has been so full on I just didn’t manage it. However, now I’m determined not to miss another day!

It was a Dunnerstunner in Dunedin today and I couldn’t resist a trip to Warrington Beach about 5pm to end the day. There were a few people scattered up and down the beach who obviously had the same idea. While I was there I was playing around at shooting with some angled sunlight washing in from the corner as the waves broke.

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A chilled Sunday

Kicking back on Sunday

A couple of glorious day’s of weather made the beach the best spot to be over the weekend. The surf really kicked into life on Sunday with many spots drawing the locals, while families made the most of the sunshine at the St Kilda and St Clair Surf Life Saving clubs. The outlook for the week looks pretty decent as well with temperatures set to hit the mid twenties (we’ll take that here in Dunedin) by the middle of the week. It looks like summer still has a few days left in it yet.

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